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  1. There are literally hundreds of photographs taken as soon as we have them I or others will post them up
  2. I would personally like to thank all that made the effort to attend our open day. Some had travelled hundreds of miles to attend and it is appreciated. Its always difficult to guesstimate who will attend, but I have to confess I was totally overwhelmed at the numbers today. We had Rotorstock proportions here today. When we organised the mass rotary shoot it was firstly to get every kind of rotary in to one photo, something never been done in the UK before, I think we was just 3 rotaries short of having every make and model of rotary made. And you guys helped make this happen. We also had to organised the car park as we had so many in there that there was approx 20 cars parked on the road, which was blocking the lane past RoTechniks.During the shoot we counted 47 Rotaries and there were still the odd rotary here and there. We totalled just over 50 Rotaries which for an event put together in 2 weeks with your support is awesome and testament to your enthusiasm for the cars.It was great to see Mazda with NSU and Norton, most meets and clubs tend to concentrate on there marque and I believe it demonstrates what Rotary Community is about, all rotary enthusiasts enjoying one anothers company and rotors together. At the peak of the event we had 80 odd cars at RoTechniks, as some had travelled down with the rotaries for the event.In total between 120 to 150 people were at RoTechniks today. Next time 2 hogs may be in order. The live band is made up from our gardener and his mates, and for a part time group did us proud, hopefully no objections to them coming back again, when I spoke with hem they enjoyed the day and commented on the good behaviour of you guys, I think they had pre-conceived ideas of chavs in toys :-) Id also like to thank Dave and Colin who have fixed and repair customers cars on time and still managed to tidy, clean and make ready for the event.
  3. You guys are welcome over here fellas. And if you dont come youre gona be missing out on THE Rotary Event of the year. The event has blown out of expectations. We have approx 40-50 rotaries coming, almost as many as Rotorstock, but we will have some of the rarest cars on the planet coming over, cars you will only of heard of but never seen. Copied from our forum. I cant express just how excited I am after today, guys Ive never spoken to or heard from before have been spoken with all know about RoTechniks open day. So I thought it a good time to start making a list of cars attending, we will have the unique and rare rotaries in the garage area as it will keep them dry and visible to all if its dull outside. So to date I have this list, if you have a car not on list please add. Rotary Corvette = confirmed RoTechniks did the restore on this amazing one of 10 years ago Cosmo 110 = wants to if poss, waiting confirmation NSU Spider = confirmed RoTechniks helped with the 15 years restore project on this one NSU RO80 convertible = confirmed RoTechniks helped with is rare 2 only in world restore TWR MK1 FB = confirmed RX4 project = confirmed 3 x Drift RX7's FD3S = confirmed Rally prepped RX7 FB = confirmed RX7 FD3S Drag car = confirmed Starlet rotary powered full tub 9" axle = confirmed Nippon Challenge RX7 FD3S = confirmed Nippon Challenge stand = confirmed RX7 FD3S Britcar & 24 hr Dubai = confirmed RX5 Cosmo RE130 = wants to if poss, waiting confirmation 3 x Norton's Suzuki RE5 Norton Racing have been invited = waiting confirmation Moller Skycar have been invited = waiting confirmation (there is one in London at moment) 10 from Exile forum would like an idea of what cars please. Cars from FDUK forum would like to know what cars and numbers. ----------------------------------------------------- This is a letter going out to all RoTechniks and RotaryArt customers, basically outlining the merge of 2 companies, the event, and Charity day with Simon Kremer Memorial Trophy.It is also to say this has been so popuar that it will be a Rotary Community event every year, I hope you continue to support this event. Please feel free to download letter and post to others that may be interested in this or future events. "Dear Valued Customer, Re: RoTechniks Under New Management As you may be aware RoTechniks has recently beenclosed due to merging with Turnagain Ltd trading as RotaryArt. We are pleased to announce that RoTechniks areopen for business from 5th January 2009. RoTechniks are having an Open Day Event on Saturday 24th January 2009, between12:00-3:00pm and Rotary Community will be making this an annual event. David Kremer father of the late Simon Kramer founder of the original company, will be opening the event. The opportunity to win the Simon Kramer Memorial Trophy forthe ‘RoTechniks Car of the Year’. All donations received on the day will go toward the Cancer Research charity. Future fun runs and charity events organised by RoTechniks and Rotary Community will be introduced and a different charity chosen each year to receive your generous donations and money raised. Please feel free to visit our forum: www.rotarycommunity.com which our customers are welcome to join, please note that membership is free. Once you are a member you will gain full access to our site, which will have special offers and new product updates. The forum will give customers and enthusiasts the chance to chat online in our live chat room, exchange technical advice, ideas and banter. We have many new and exciting plans now that the two companies have merged. We are looking to install an MOT station and a rolling road for performance tuning and diagnostics. The whole building and company is going through the process of modernisation and a general overhaul. RotaryArt will continue to offer Europe’s largest online specialist store. With 15 years of rotary engineering experience RoTechniks will continue to develop new parts for sale on the RotaryArt online store. A new RoTechniks website is being developed which will link with RotaryArt for parts, and will offer customers the opportunity to book servicing, repairs and restoration work for your vehicle online which will be available shortly, a newsletter will be sent once the websiteis complete. On behalf of Rotechniks and RotaryArt we would like to thank you for your previous custom and look forward to doing businesswith you once again."
  4. off the top of my head, the Tokyo Drift film had approx. 6 of these made. Newera bought 3. Only ne was a single turbo, the rest were all stock FD's. So there may not be any power gains. Have you seen one for sale, did it quote a spec There have also been 4-6 of these built in UK, is it one of these for sale, as some of them were a very high spec.
  5. Good luck with the sale Andy, someone will get a bargain, full of goodies
  6. Some may or may not know that RoTechniks went in to receivership approx 3-4 months ago, RoTechniks have been servicing and maintaining just about every rotary car you care to mention. RoTechniks was started by the late Simon Kremer and his father who is still tinkering and involved with rotaries will be here to open the new RoTechniks, as I dont want its roots to be forgotten. The Simon Kremer memorial cup that we held 6 years ago will become a regular cup/challenge and all money raised will go to a Cancer charity. So as not to let this rotary institution die and to further my business I have bought the company and it should be open again in next couple of weeks, although I have my fingers crossed for Dec 15th. I am having an open day on the 24th of Jan 09, which may not be the best time or weather for bikes, but we would love to see you there. There will be lots of activity in the 12 to 3pm open day and a good representation of cars, to date I know of 1 x drag RX7 fd, 1 x circuit car RX7 fd Raced in Britcar and at the Dubai 24hr and maybe 1 x Nippon Challenge car, 3 x RX7 fd drift cars, 1 x rally prep RX7 FB, a very rare 1 of only 2 in world convertible NSU RO80's. 2-3 other RO80's for sure and the NSU club has been invited. A rare RX7 TWR fb, a rare RX4 13b and several great customer cars. There will be a couple of stunt bikes performing a few tricks (unfortunately piston powered) and it would be great to have some rotary bikes. At weekend a band will be confirming there attendance, though Im 99% sure they will be there. Several magazines have promised to be there, Jap Performance, Banzai, Retro to date, others Im waiting confirmation on. If you can make it it would be very much appreciated even if not with bike, but just to say hi. 24th Jan 2009 RoTechniks Ltd Unit 4 Lambwood Hill Industrial Estate Grazely Reading Berkshire RG7 1JN More information will be posted later on our site www.rotaryart.uk.com www.rotarycommunity.com www.rotechniks.uk.com (still being built) I know its a long way for you guys, but I know from time to time some of you do venture over.
  7. Ive got a HKS front mount coming in. £200 shipped.
  8. I have much more on this type subject herehttp://www.rotaryart.uk.com/acatalo ... bikes.html Click on either Citroen, Corvette or Mercedes we are more than just a shop
  9. Tein only make one fitting for the RX8 No promises, but email me over your vin and I'll speak with my guys at Mazda UK
  10. this is a common problem dont forget the linkages are probably 12-14 years old. We have used these on a car we sponsor for circuit and my wn cars and have always worked well. We have a single arm wiper kit which comes with new linkage, and because its a much bigger wiper blade it cleans great and is lighter so makes it run a bit quicker with less strain on the motor http://www.rotaryart.uk.com/acatalog/Xtreme_Wipers.html
  11. have these Colin http://www.rotaryart.uk.com/acatalog/Xtreme_Lights.html
  12. K&N do have a good rep, and usually flow rate as well as good filtering.
  13. Short of slapping a turbo on it, not a lot you can do. Filter and exhaust is about it. TW Whites a big Mazda main agent in UK spent a fortune trying to make 300 bhp they eventually gave up. Turbo is about your only answer at the moment.
  14. Tein use all the stock Mazda top mounts etc on most of there range, so check carefully as theres no point putting new coilovers on if other parts are shot http://www.rotaryart.uk.com/acatalog/Ne ... yling.html http://www.rotaryart.uk.com/acatalog/Te ... nsion.html
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