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  1. Gizmo

    Fuel problem with rx.8

    Hi Sebastián, I gutted the cat and it was still eating the juice. My coils were at 50k so I changed them and that worked. It might also be your sparks plugs.. it depends how many kms you have on your coils & plugs I'd check them first.. If you can't figure it out I'd suggest taking it to the lads in Shadow motors there experts at anything roatary and half the price of taking it to mazda dealers.
  2. Gizmo

    Fuel problem with rx.8

    Thanks JP I will indeed going to be a great spin down Be interesting to see if I can get anything for mine over there as an average 04-06 left hand with no modifications is going for 6 grand in Spain
  3. Gizmo

    Fuel problem with rx.8

    Hey JP, It was the cat n a few other small issued. All sorted now & ready for a 2900km drive to the south of Spain. Its going to be fun Thanks to Eoin in shadow motors I've peace of mind knowing my car got a full check up from roatry expert.
  4. Gizmo

    Fuel problem with rx.8

    Thanks JP going to take it over to Shadow this afternoon so I'll get a defo answer on what it is.. Cheers bud
  5. Gizmo

    Fuel problem with rx.8

    Hey JP, Thanks a mill for all the tips really appreciated will give them a shot. Do you think low compression would cause me to get 150km less on a full tank than I use to? Really hope it's the coils cause a drive to Spain in her would be a great send off !!
  6. Gizmo

    Fuel problem with rx.8

    Hi Aido, I don't think it's the engine so I reckon/ hope it's the coils.. I've a 3000 journey to Spain to do !! Great how much would it be for them? And would need to get them fitted..
  7. Gizmo

    Fuel problem with rx.8

    Hi Aido, No haven't tested the coils, just put in new spark plugs.I I've noticed it doesnt feel as powerfull on the motorway as it use to. Thing is I'm driving it to Spain then getting a left hand car over there so don't want to buy new coils. Do you know where I could get any second hand?
  8. Gizmo

    Fuel problem with rx.8

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the reply. Yeah JP its an 05 and it struggles more when the engine is hot and especially if I'm turning on after 15mins or so. It had coils replaced in July 2013 and it's done 50,000km since then. It had coils springs replaced & compression test done by real podge in april 2016 and was perfect. Been running as podge suggest on 15/40 oil and usual rx requirements. It had engine staring motor replaced in Feb 16 and done 25k since. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks Lulu
  9. Hey All, I need your advise on what may be causing my rx.8 to consuming more fuel than normal. I use to get nearly 500km on a full tank now I'm only getting 350- 400km (that's city driving). No change in how it drive it and just had spark plugs replaced. The mechanic ran a diagnostics on it and the only thing that came up was faulty battery. Also sometimes it's struggling to start when turn the key first but always starts after second attempt. Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated as I'm driving it to Spain in two weeks, so bit worried . Thanks Lulu
  10. Gizmo

    RX-8 Tax Change

    I have my RX-8 taxed as a 1.3 the last three years after I got the engine replaced. Just seen I cannot renew my tax on the RX-8 because the tax office has informed me any one who has an RX-8 taxed as 1.3 will now have to pay the tax of a 1.8. Anyone else had this issue and more important any suggestions on how I can get around it? The tax office state they have been onto Mazda and the corrected tax is 1.8! Shit Buzz for a Monday morning!
  11. Hey fellow roaters, Just wondering if any one has a front bumper for a gray 2005 rx8 for sale? Also my clutch has dropped and looks like I need to get a new one. Anyone any idea how much a new clutch and fitted would cost? Appricate any help or tips anyone can give
  12. Gizmo

    Silver 8

    Silver ot Gray?
  13. Re: How much do you pay for RX-8 insurance? Yea its funny cause 123 is one of the only insurance companys who quote it as 1.3.The rest quote it as a 2.6. Ive been on to someone in AA insurance who are looking to change the speck the have at 2.6 to a 1.3. will let you all know if I get anywhere with it!
  14. Re: How much do you pay for RX-8 insurance? I also went in as a new customer with 123.ie as was sugguested on this site by RexiGirl and the quote was coming in at €417 third part fire & theft and €530 full comp instead of €734!! Customer loylaty my ass :x !!! Still thats an increase of €100 from last year the more years no claim I get t he higher my insurance is going!! How Irish is that!! Plus I get the engine lower to 1300 which is what 123.ie class it as!! Dont know how you got fully comp for €400? OH 123 said the increse was due to the RSA changes in insurances rates Topper was that full comp lite or extra for €400 with 123.?
  15. Re: How much do you pay for RX-8 insurance? HELP INSURANCE DOUBLED WITH NO CAUSE!! I am currently with 123.ie they sent me out my renewal which is due in 01 September. My insurance third party fire & theft has just doubled from €327 to €775 with no claims on my part. WTF :shock: I know price go up due to all the recent claims from others, but double with 5yrs no claims thats just disgraceful!! I've called around the the brokers like chill & First Ireland who try various different insurers and the best quote I am getting is €630 third part fire & theft with Right Insurance!! This increase is just pure extortion!! Has anybody renewed recently who had the same problem? Can any help with a cheaper Insurer ? RX8-190BHP Age:33 NCB:5 years Points: 0 Company: 123 (RSA) Cover type: Third Party fire & theft Additional named drivers: None Premium was €327 : Renewal : €775