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  1. Evo8sti

    Spotted at NCT in Carlow

    Yes that is me.
  2. This is gonna be a cool day Wont have my Rx out this summer though. Being concentrating on getting the new Evo ready. So I might pop along in that.
  3. Evo8sti

    Esprit tuned FD for sale

    Any pictures Ian ??
  4. Evo8sti

    Plug leads wanted for FD

    Cheers thanks JP
  5. Was thinking a set of magnecor leads for the 7. Anyone know who sells them in Ireland ??
  6. Evo8sti

    fd-3s spec

    Just curious where would i find out the factory spec of an rx7 ?? my car has an aftermarket steering wheel with no airbag !! and i want to know did it come from factory with an airbag in steering wheel ??
  7. think i have a pair of rear discs also
  8. As above 99 spec front splitter wanted.
  9. Evo8sti

    apexi avcr safc for sale

    AVCR still available
  10. Evo8sti

    Japfest Mondello 28th September

    Nearly ready for japfest !!
  11. Evo8sti

    Japfest Mondello 28th September

    Which fd are you bringing Ian ??
  12. As above looking for FD rx7 armrest !!
  13. Evo8sti

    WANTED : wing for FD3S

    Pair of vented wings on adverts, http://adverts.ie/5709340
  14. Evo8sti

    re ad9 bonnet

    Can you pm a price on it johnny