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  1. Quick update CCPC is helping me deal with the case. Unfortunately until all is done I can't do anything regarding fixing the car somewhere else
  2. So I got some info on the parts which need to be done now. All listed below Water seals, inner and outer. E shaft end bearings 0820-10-502B by 2. Rotor bearings N3A1-11-B11 by 2. Front seal 0820-10-605 by 1. Rear seal N3H1-10-508 by 1. Apex seal springs inner N3H3-11-C04 by 6. Apex seal springs outer N3H3-11-C06 by 6. Needle bearing plate N3H1-11-D51 by 1. End play spacer " D" NF01-11-D55 by 1. Oil filter Outer oil control rings for rotor 0820-11-341 by 8. Inner oil control rings N3H3-11-C37 by 8 Metal oil control rings seals for the rotors by 8. No part number I'm afraid. S/h E shaft " B" by 1. Does all of that should be done on the last year rebuild? Is it possible that it all could get damage within 7000 kilometres? Or it wasn't done at all? I really didn't want to go through all courts and solicitors, though the man was an honest person. It's awful that some people just takes women for granted. I did spoke with Anthony, he promised to put my car back on the road. I know it's only a bit of metal, but it has massive sentimental value for me as it was a gift from my mum who passed away last year, and it holds a lot of memories. Towing it to shadow will be my next step. Thank God it's not far away from Dublin. Will keep you all up to date on how getting my money back is going PS. This is a photo of my shaft
  3. A bit of an update. My car is still with the man. At this point I would really like to reveal his name but will hold it for a bit. So while some works been done with the engine my car was on the lift. Some other car was parked underneath. At some point my gearbox and exhaust fell down as it wasn't supported by anything and did damage to the other car. Which I got blamed for. This morning I got lovely text which basically left me in tears...
  4. Hi. I hope you good people can help woman in need. In March 2018 I got my engine rebuild. Things looked pretty good until April when very thick smoke came out of the exhaust. I have contacted the person who done the engine and was told to try drive it a bit to clear it up. Nothing else unusual was happening at that time, drove a few kilometres down the motorway and everything was fine again. I followed all the rules with oil change, no high revs, and no clowning around. All seems to be fine again. Three thousand kilometres from rebuild I changed plugs and they was black, but I did not panic because even before rebuild, plugs were always black when changing. I kept going happily until 13th of February this year when for the first time I drove farther distance. By then it was about eight thousand kilometres done from rebuild. I travelled from Ennis to Newbridge ( around 200 kilometres distance) On the way, the engine light flashed few times but nothing else has happened. I reached my destination and left the car for a night. Next morning after starting it the car sounded a bit strange, something like a loose exhaust. I drove it and then it started. No power at all. I was sure it's plugs again. Managed to get it to some local garage, turned car off. Plugs checked, all black again. Car never started anymore. At that point I I contacted the man who worked on the engine and decided to tow it to his place. Once he had looked at it he said that the engine needs to be rebuild Again. It's over a month now, car is still with the mechanic and although he gave me a year guarantee I'm fearing that it would cost me a thousands again. What should I do now? received_2108220846079275.mp4
  5. Not really Since this pop up im driving like this old lady in Nissan micra
  6. Hi. A few days ago the engine light go on in my rx8. I checked it and it is an error code PO661 intake manifold tuning valve control circuit low ( bank 1). Is this something dangerous? I cleared the error and there is no sign of it since. Is that happen to any of you and if how much it will cost to fix it?
  7. Kinga


    no, and all test took maybe 15 minutes that's all
  8. Kinga


    So that mean I can drive around and poisoning environment?
  9. you always flash the lights when im passing. Mostly by Apple Green on traffic lights
  10. Kinga


    Hi. Im just after passing my first NCT test and funny thing happen. My exhaust emissions never been checked and inspector explain it, that they don't have a tool to test this kind of cars. was I lucky or its all over Ireland like that? Not that Im complaining, just curiosity
  11. There is a Black rx8 in ennis. Im driving d red one. Just wonder why u r :-)
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