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  1. Never heard anything about his builds either but I would not have the confidence in dealing with him again thats what im saying lol I would like one of those engines if you get what Im saying. How is Paul did he get the FB done yet??
  2. Well get the finger out then
  3. Ian throw up the add asap, its possible money will get tight in the very near future, all cars could fall in price
  4. Yes well aware of what he does and he sells himself well, have to give him that but I dont think he is stand up guy like Clive from MRP or the likes of RR just to name a few. Would like to threat myself and buy one of his FB engines but I have no confidence in him if something goes wrong, But for now im happy with the Hayward stage 2 port built by Carl Hayward,
  5. lol thats cool man, do throw up some pics of the car when you get it
  6. Beautiful car wont take long to sell her when you do mate.
  7. Early days yet Ian, BHR were the best thing since a sliced pan one time, then RR were the one and only, just my opinion but I would not buy nothing of RRP.
  8. @Aaron10 Im guessing your buying in the North when you say £££ and he has his own garage so if its Alan Woods buy away you cant go wrong and with that price provided it will get you past a MOT sounds like a great deal man Good luck with it
  9. Sorry I dont but I may be able to offer some advice if you dont mind sharing the information with your problem
  10. Hi mate, if the guys in Shadow recommended you get your dwell setting adjusted this is what you must do as its common enough with the jap imports. Jamie or as know on here as @littlefeck will sort you out mate Good luck.
  11. Hi guys I have a good used fuel pump for sale here of a 2004 RX8 that only had 46000 miles. Looking for €50 collected
  12. Yup, going round for sometime mate, I posted it on FB a while back but Fook so annoying to see this happening to our home boys sorry to see you got stung mate, https://www.rx8club.com/series-i-trouble-shooting-95/fake-spark-plugs-267207/?fbclid=IwAR1eQs80aBqNNegaHWP8hu6GxW-O476UMt5w4ODHRvc1NVgj77-1mwfFnZg
  13. lol true not the form of a car enthusiast to have a dirty car but its harder this time of year to keep it clean If its ok with you I would hope to meet up with you in the new year regarding the RB exhaust. I Would like to hear it close up to make my mind up on the RB exhaust. But I really enjoyed my AP exhaust but in reality its just a touch to loud for a old boy to be driving around in
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