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  1. Aido 8


    So I had a baffle plate installed,and put in the coolant tank a while back. So other bits to do soon and thinking of going full RB exhaust, well that's the plan but reality could be different lol
  2. Aido 8

    WANTED: Black & red interior

    Electric heated seats yes, My opinion is very little to no wear on them, Driver seat has no buckle but then you would have 2 from your cars. I live in North Sligo, Grange. I can take snaps to morrow and send you a email with all the pics you want. I dont know a price but I think €120 is a bargain for all so hope this helps you. Do pm me your email if this sounds ok to you
  3. Aido 8

    WANTED: Black & red interior

    If interested I do, have all of the car except the steering wheel
  4. Aido 8

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Agreed, Man that looks clean
  5. Aido 8

    coil pack options 2019

    Just a thought but @warpc0il is hadlowj still a trader??, I think he was Rotary rebuild ??. He sold plugs but not sure about coils
  6. Aido 8

    coil pack options 2019

    Genuine Mazda NGK Laser Iridium Spark plugs in the past always seem to be the best value from jp4 manace uk. Just my opinion and of course its not a popular one but with good reason, its the Genuine Mazda c coils for me and I got them of Clive. Again my opinion but RR coils are second place for me as he stands buy his warranties. On a different note I will never buy anything of RRP. Hope this will be of some help
  7. Aido 8

    Looking for FTOREX (Fiachras) number

    Hi, if you still need his number just pm me
  8. Aido 8

    The youtube thread.

  9. Aido 8

    "Panda" RX8 on the M11

    Ahh yes seen it a few times on DD, think the guys on FB were giving him grief that he put the wing on backwards lol
  10. Aido 8

    "Panda" RX8 on the M11

    lol, as that donkey Conor McGregor would say who the Fook is that guy lol, anyone got any snaps of this Panda car
  11. Aido 8

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Thats a shame after all the hard work on it
  12. Aido 8

    Newbie from Waterford

    Awesome best of look with it
  13. Aido 8

    Newbie from Waterford

    Hi and welcome to the forum, I am looking forward to seeing them snaps