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  1. Hi guys I have a good used fuel pump for sale here of a 2004 RX8 that only had 46000 miles. Looking for €50 collected
  2. Yup, going round for sometime mate, I posted it on FB a while back but Fook so annoying to see this happening to our home boys sorry to see you got stung mate, https://www.rx8club.com/series-i-trouble-shooting-95/fake-spark-plugs-267207/?fbclid=IwAR1eQs80aBqNNegaHWP8hu6GxW-O476UMt5w4ODHRvc1NVgj77-1mwfFnZg
  3. lol true not the form of a car enthusiast to have a dirty car but its harder this time of year to keep it clean If its ok with you I would hope to meet up with you in the new year regarding the RB exhaust. I Would like to hear it close up to make my mind up on the RB exhaust. But I really enjoyed my AP exhaust but in reality its just a touch to loud for a old boy to be driving around in
  4. Aido 8

    Hiya !

    Hi, welcome to the forum
  5. Hi and welcome to the forum, any luck getting a RX8 yet may I ask??
  6. Bit late I Know but was that you @toastor pulling onto Ash Lane thursday the 14th - 11 around 11-45 am I gave you a wave, your car sounded awesome btw
  7. Ask your mechanic did he switch the engine of before it warmed up, if the rotary engine is switched of from cold then fuel cant be vaporised so it cant start and he will understand this. Yes I know your car is a auto, but have no experience of starting a automatic but im sure if it can be towed started with out problems to your gearbox your mechanic will know. It can cause problems if you have a catalytic converter but thats not a biggie. Just saying plenty of people have left there RX8s in to garages in the past and those guys have flooded their RX8s. I cant swear he has flooded it but it would be a good possibility in my opinion. Dont worry im sure things will turn out fine Aidan
  8. Hi Fauzia, it sounds like your car is flooded, I would just suggest this to the mechanic as its common enough with rotaries as you know. Good luck should be a easy fix for him
  9. Pricey but I guess thats what we try to live for https://www.jegs.com/i/Moroso/710/63814/10002/-1
  10. Hi, and thanks, Yes I thought it looked the best out of all the ones I seen, the Bennet built one looked well to and has a sensor but a few bad reviews on them so the Moroso from America was a easy choice then . Well TBH they are all from the U.S.A. lol
  11. So I had a baffle plate installed,and put in the coolant tank a while back. So other bits to do soon and thinking of going full RB exhaust, well that's the plan but reality could be different lol
  12. Electric heated seats yes, My opinion is very little to no wear on them, Driver seat has no buckle but then you would have 2 from your cars. I live in North Sligo, Grange. I can take snaps to morrow and send you a email with all the pics you want. I dont know a price but I think €120 is a bargain for all so hope this helps you. Do pm me your email if this sounds ok to you
  13. If interested I do, have all of the car except the steering wheel
  14. Just a thought but @warpc0il is hadlowj still a trader??, I think he was Rotary rebuild ??. He sold plugs but not sure about coils
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