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  1. Aido 8


    As your not sure. My advice is if it were me I would get them. As the ignition system (coils in particular) can be a thorn in the side and is vital with these cars its important that your ignition system is up to scratch. Get new plugs also that way you have peace of mind in knowing that it will stand greatly to your engines health Also no harm asking Carl Ryan on the life- durability of his coils
  2. Aido 8

    New to Rotary Scene

    Hi Cupra and welcome to the forum, your right it doesn’t matter as rotaries emmisions exempt in the south of Ireland. Yah the later models have a better spec but for me it doesn’t matter as its down to personal choice and whats on the market at the time. You should join up on fduk to see whats going on there and also the facebook page. Some good tips on buying a FD below. Enjoy and keep us posted on how you get on https://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2183-3rd-gen-fd-buying-guides/ https://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2794-fd-faq/
  3. Aido 8

    Looking for rx7 or rx8

    Hi did you get sorted ??
  4. Aido 8

    Wanted 2003/2004 231 black rx8

    Hi is your Dad still looking for a 8??
  5. Cheapest solution is to take of the mid pipe yourself (asap) and gut the cat which is an easy and fun exercise. I believe toyosport mid pipe is a popular choice as they line up well with the stock exhaust.
  6. Aido 8


    Its of great help thank you, if its good enough for you my man its most certainly good enough for me
  7. Aido 8


    Sorry JP only noticed this notification in my spam. Engine is fine but will have to change the radiator when I stop playing around with this
  8. Aido 8

    Colin's 04 rx8

    You could always check as one of your coils could be tired, good luck with it
  9. Aido 8


    Yes I would agree with this. Many of us have seen this many times.
  10. Aido 8

    Colin's 04 rx8

    More than likely you had a dirty connector to the ps module as it seems to be a common fault now. Yes, seen those snaps on FB you are in full flight great snaps, did not cop it was your car. Also, if your in or around Sligo I would not mind giving it a compression test for a bit of craic to see can if it can shed light on your hot starts.
  11. Aido 8

    Colin's 04 rx8

    Good Stuff Colin how did it go for yah, hoped you lapped jp and all the boys lol
  12. Aido 8


    You said your car is running fine not down in power,no rattling from the cat, no heat coming from there in the cabin, worsening fuel consumption and your cat is not glowing red hot after a long spirited run so it does look like your cat has been gutted already and that’s why its throwing the code Don’t worry about the code, you can clear the code and it will stay of for some time and it will come back on again and again. When I gutted the cat I just kept clearing it with my code reader, not a big job until my specialist deleted it permanently with out having to use mazda edit or the likes btw. Also I had a 02 code to but I deleted it and that was the last of that lol Again Im sure your car is 100% just go and enjoy it
  13. Aido 8

    13b rew engine parts

    Hi mate,It should get more views if you post a link on the likes of Facebook to your add here, good luck with your new plans
  14. Aido 8


    Yes it will do your engine no good. But is your car not running well. Is it down on power, can you hear a rattling sound from the cat, can you feel heat coming from there while driving. If not there is a good chance your exhaust has been gutted already thats why its throwing the code.
  15. Aido 8

    Random meme thread