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  1. Aido 8

    Rx8 side skirts wanted

    Mate you could try Chris Myers and Boston Rotary on FB
  2. Aido 8


    Hi Gary, welcome to the forum. My self and Damien on here are from Sligo. Don't know who is here that would be from Donegal TBH. There is another chap on here from Manorhamilton in County Letrim. I am from North Sligo (Grange) and would be happy to meet up. Do throw up some pictures of your car, we love pics
  3. Aido 8

    New to the forum

    Ah yah Paddy is a top man. This guy in the link below and could be beside you will give you advise also or maybe sell you what you need. I ran into him there just before christmas and is a approachable sort. His name is something like Lenard o Kelly, or just Lenard Kelly lol, I forget. Good luck with the project https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/mazda-rx7-8-rebuilds-12-months-warranty-/14236733
  4. Aido 8

    New to the forum

    Hi Josh and welcome to the forum. I'm sure any of the guys in the link below can point you in the right direction as they are always on the hunt for engines and parts for rebuilds etc. Just give them a call or PM them. Also there is Plenty of information on YT on how to strip-build rotary engines. Where are you located? https://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10796-rotary-garages-mechanics-service-providers-list/
  5. Sorry to hear your trouble You should not be worried as your engine is under warranty, from what I read it was rebuilt in March gave up in February then you contacted the engine builder. He did a compression test to confirm the engine needed a rebuild?? Why do you think you may have to spend more money??. OK you asked what should you do, nothing because your engine is under warranty so the mechanic should fix it and surely he has himself covered. Sorry if i'm missing something
  6. Aido 8

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Hi mate thats them, Clive at MRP recommended these big time so it was a simple choice then So I Will have a set of track Clean as Fook MeistersR coilovers for sale on the Forum in 4-5 weeks
  7. Aido 8

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Got these in the post today. A head of time so happy days
  8. Aido 8

    Rx8 pz prodrive

    The quotes may have changed a bit from this post https://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10348-advice-on-vrt-form/&tab=comments#comment-69272 Do check the vrt calculator as mentioned in this post above for a up to date version. Isnt it the same for all rx8s its a 2.6 on the V5, I know it was for mine and I passed it of that way
  9. Aido 8

    First post

    Hi Sean welcome to the forum Do post some pics, we like pics, lots of them
  10. Aido 8

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    I took the 8 out of the garage a while back to see how it was, so painted up the tyres a bit, roll on the summer
  11. Aido 8

    Mazda RX7 Series 3 1985 Dublin

    What he said
  12. Aido 8


    Hi Patrick and welcome to the forum The first few quid you have I would say look into having the ignition system in tip top shape if your in any doubt. Do buy from a reputable supplier like Mazda Rotary Parts or Ryan Rotary Performance as there is so much fake coils on ebay. Any questions dont hesitate to ask. All you need to know about modding the Mazda RX8 is well explained in this link below. Its a great read and I have read through it several times lol https://www.rx8club.com/new-member-forum-197/newbies-guide-modding-rx-8-a-233937/
  13. Aido 8

    Old Profile Pic

    No mate its of the net like my Avatar-profile pic, maybe when I update my Avator-profile pic there just deleted here. Was hoping they might be stored somewhere on here. No worries if not
  14. Guys looking for a old profile pic. Help please
  15. Aido 8

    Compression test

    Hi,Quite a few of us have Rotary testers i believe. There is a chap @L'eSkro in Cork he might be able to point you in the right direction, if you pm him. Failing that you have Fiachra in Cork Name: Fiachra 'FTOREX' Address: Coachford, Co. Cork Contact: via Personal Message (PM system on here) Description: Rotary engine builds, servicing, porting, all things rotary (not bodywork).