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  1. you can pm him on facebook, as Im not sure if I have his right number
  2. Aido 8

    Series 8 FD3S Type R

    lol no doubt its a great excuse
  3. Aido 8

    Where is pz now??

    Know the felling mate but sometimes yah have to learn the hard way is why mine now is a keeper
  4. Aido 8

    Where is pz now??

    Not sure if that woman still has that PZ but the last time I seen it she was driving it in the Cleveragh area of Sligo Town and it looked mint but that could be 2 years ago Im afraid. Hopefully I might run into someone that would know more here in Sligo.
  5. Aido 8

    Series 8 FD3S Type R

    Congrats that looks like a nice clean example, bet you cant wait
  6. Aido 8


    Just trying to give you abit of food for thought here but if you went the UK root keep in mind it's about 1500euro for get vrt , then to get it home thats about 500 to get it brought over. My point is if you feel you have to go there you could still pick up a rx8 here with a good body and compression and if done right you could have a beauty of a car by spending that saved 2000 notes on some mods. But if you are hell bent that it has to be a PZ then that's different. Good luck
  7. It would be useful if someone could please recommend a place in Dublin where davabo could purchase some mineral oil. Im in Sligo and I only seen it in the classic car section in Halfords and a few times in Tesco. @littlefeck I was more than surprised he seems to be almost afraid to use only mineral oil is why I'm asking . If you feel I need advice on oil I am always great full for advice from everyone but for years I'm well aware on what people use in their rotaries. Regarding my warranty on my rebuild any semi synthetic 10/40 but not magnetic is what is recommended. Just for shits and giggles I remember a specialist saying to me never use anything but mineral but that same guy does not always choose to put rx8 parts in his rx8 rebuilds lol. Not ditching mineral but when my warranty runs out I would be more than happy to use it also
  8. Any harm asking what proof or evidence was provided to you and where this information came from which has turned you away from using semi synthetic oil??
  9. Aido 8


    Hi Terence and welcome the forum, happy hunting
  10. Aido 8

    Coolant leak

    Thanks guys legends yez is
  11. Aido 8

    Oil pans

    Top man jp Greedy ones are mad money and closer to the ground and mine is low enough so bought new from Mazda which has a kit but no sign of it yet and it's well over a week.It was cheaper than the traders on UK forum even with my membership discount cause delivered was free, foook must ring them to see where the fook it is lol
  12. Aido 8

    Coolant leak

    So have a leak and I though I found it as there seem to be a leak from the radiator drain screw. So I though tigten it up and I'm sorted but when I did the head of the screw came of. I have a good one from a donor 8. So next step suggestions please.
  13. Aido 8

    Oil pans

    So where are you getting them guys??
  14. Aido 8

    rx8 sills

    Hello ser, do you know anyone local to you that is a well recommended panel beater or welder because that is your guy. I have 2 beside me that is very local if I need them. Hopefully they are not as bad as you think and you might get away with a tidy up like mine
  15. Aido 8

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Mine got an interior valid nice new look again and got through the NCT