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  1. Aido 8

    R3 in ireland

    Yah mate its a bummer crazy shits no doubt. Motor tax is calculated based on the engine size for private vehicles registered before the 1st July 2008 in Ireland. If a vehicle is registered on or after the 1st July 2008 then the motor tax is based on the CO2 emmission levels. Im a fraid rotaries are in Band G so thats €2,350 a year. Chart below for vehicles registered on or after the 1st July 2008 where the motor tax is based on the CO2 emmission levels. BAND CO2 EMISSIONS ANNUAL HALF-YEAR QUARTERLY A0 0 €120 €66 €33 A1 1 – 80g/km €170 €94 €48 A2 81 – 100g/km €180 €99 €50 A3 101 – 110g/km €190 €105 €53 A4 111 – 120g/km €200 €111 €56 B1 121 – 130g/km €270 €149 €76 B2 131 – 140g/km €280 €155 €79 C 141 – 155g/km €390 €216 €110 D 156 – 170g/km €570 €316 €161 E 171 – 190g/km €750 €416 €211 F 191 – 225g/km €1,200 €666 €339 G 225g/km or higher €2,350 €1,304 €663
  2. Aido 8

    R3 in ireland

    Hi, Looks like a 59 plate you have there, so just my opinion but there is no market for it here. Try and sell it in the uk as much better chance by far to get a fair price. Reason I say all this is the annual tax for it here is €2350. No one will want that headache. Little info in the link below http://www.mywheels.ie/motor-tax-rates-ireland/
  3. Aido 8

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    So I collected my car from Mazda Sligo this evening for getting the the recalls done AHO23A, AHO22A AND AJ046E. They also told me they washed the car, informed of no codes, discs and pads are good and car in good shape which was very nice of them.. To my surprise they said that they had put in a all new fuel pump kit and it was not a part for the fuel pump as that what I thought they were going to do. So not a bad experience at all, thank you Mazda Sligo
  4. I would think yes as for me that would be the best part of the weekend, only I have to be back for work Sunday as I would defo be doing it. Did you ask on FB??
  5. Awesome Carl, I have no doubt I will be glad of you in the future for advice on here, glad your back mate
  6. Aido 8

    Rx8 Insurance as 2nd Car

    Cool do keep us posted on here
  7. You have been of the scene for quite awhile and badly missed here tbh. Yah as these cars are pushing on in age rust will be the war for us all. Yup mate will get pics up
  8. Aido 8

    Rx8 Insurance as 2nd Car

    Your experience was much the same as mine. When I tried to ensure both cars they want me to take out a separate insurance on the 8 so 2 separate insurances which would be something like €800 for both cars. I have my 8 as a summer car now so I did not keep it as a weekend car. Also we have a Irish Rotary Facebook page so you might get more info and reply there as there is more views on FB.
  9. Ahh that's a pity Carl was hoping to see you there, next time maybe, fingers crossed
  10. Aido 8

    Hi guys

    Welcome back, send @jp a pm as he might be able to help you access your old user name
  11. Aido 8

    Hi Folks, new to rotary...

    Hi Tom welcome to the forum
  12. Hi Bill it will be great to see you there.Looks like everybody seems to be staying in thurles as Urlingford is about 15 minutes away, Im staying there in the Anner Hotel on Friday night as I wont have to get up early Saturday morning lol. @Chazz Are you coming mate ??
  13. Aido 8

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Just saying guys its worth thinking about you could also refurb if you're happy to, so the difference
  14. Aido 8

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Got new wiper arms in the post today
  15. Aido 8


    What Chazz said , Hayward Rotary put that in my car