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  1. Really good videos of the find Nic Enjoyed that
  2. I'll find out about the email you send to Micksgarage ( I work along side the marketing team ) I could be bring my Vert up so could get paid to do it ha (not really)
  3. I'm from that area. Must keep an eye out.
  4. I work with the organiser/owner of www.trackdays.ie and I said I'd mention it on here Really well organised day out. Here is what he sent over to me We have a group discount intended for car clubs and forums - basically its a qty discount if you can get 5 or more of you booked together you can use a discount code to get the day for €145 per head. If you can get 10+ you can get the day for €140 per head. Codes are as follows TDIEGROUP5 (add a minimum of 5 of the standard trackday products to the basket http://trackdays.ie/product/full-day-track-day/ then apply the discount code. The price per person will reduce to €145 each) TDIEGROUP10 (add a minimum of 10 of the standard trackday products to the basket http://trackdays.ie/product/full-day-track-day/ then apply the discount code. The price per person will reduce to €140 each) The standard price is €165, which is still a lot cheaper than the Mondello days & includes lunch and a whole load of other extra's which will be announced over the coming weeks. Ive copied over other info also €165 for the full day. Extra drivers are €20, and passenger go free. Single sessions are €30. We hope to have our Trackdays.ie instructor EK3 Civic ready for it, and we will be offering instruction in it, with our instructors, so you can make the most out of your own car. Details below Schedule: Sign on: 9am - 9.30am Briefing: 9.45am Morning track session: 10am - 12.30pm Lunch: 12.30pm - 1.30pm Afternoon track session: 1.30pm - 4pm Benefits: €165 Full Day €100 Half Day Special group rate for car clubs & forums (5+ or 10+ booked together. Pit garages available for you to use Centralised hub in the Grand Prix suite Complimentary tea, coffee & plenty of cake! Open pitlane Passengers go free! Swag bag for everyone booked for a full day It's not massive discount but €145/€165 is cheap for 7 hours of track time
  5. Lads I probably won't make it to jap fest. You can pass the prize onto the next closest. Just taking part for the laugh
  6. On the engine or chassis??? 92,512
  7. Turbo due any day now. Injectors need to to be checked and cleaned. Went to a place on my break there but their website lied about cleaning service.....
  8. It would be a good target to get the FC down for it. Sick of seeing just FDs and 8 reping us
  9. Same JohnC from BMW Haus/Driver here Welcome along.
  10. Just to mention that the rebuild from APi is basically everything in and on the turbo is new. Shafts, blades, bearings all new. Housings blasted clean inside and out. So it should be brand new basically Im leaning towards this option
  11. So I got APi to inspect it ( even though they outsourced it ) Rebuild it would be 700 cos its an awkward turbo. Asked about some sort of upgrade and tried to offer me a Garrett GTX35 jobbie for €1500. It woul dbe good for 600HP+. But I dont really want that. What are people opinions? Are there other alternatives you would recommend?
  12. Cheers for the info turbos confuse the shit out of me!
  13. Can anyone tell me if this would work as a replacement for my standard HT18s-2s????
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