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  1. I'm having an issue lately whereby when I accelerate in the 8 the response is delayed and intermittent. First it feels like the power just isn't there and it climbs the revs slower than usual, then it can kick in all of a sudden and then drop off again. I'm wondering if it could be the ignition system (usual suspect #1) or has anyone other theories or experience? Running a completely stock set-up in the engine, Mazda coils, magnecore leads, NGK plugs, bought from JP4mance in May 2016, prob done ~30k km since. Toyo decat mid-pipe is only mod on car.
  2. kenster

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Got a new battery - Car was dead-dead Monday morning, jump starts to get to and from work since. Hopefully new battery has it sorted and nothing more serious.
  3. kenster

    Mazda RX 8 2003 japan import Automatic

    Sent a PM there Fauzia
  4. kenster

    Sill Rust

    Lads, educate dumb ass here: to fix the sills do you need replacement sills or will the repair guys fabricate something up? Also, some sill repairs I've seen have a textured finish, not smooth paint, is this intentional or as a result of type of paint used or what?
  5. kenster

    Annual Irish Rotary get together 2017

    Put me down for this. Gerard Kennedy aka Kenster (Track) On the assumption that I;ll be allowed to track the road car with just a helmet and don't need cages and harnesses etc. Missed last year so looking forward to this
  6. kenster

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Mileage Birthday for the Rex. All 8s.
  7. kenster

    rx8 insurance

  8. I have a Nexus install. I recommend someone swipe this one up. GLWS
  9. kenster

    DoneDeal and other classifieds thread.

    I sure hope this price is a typo or the guy forgot to mention there's actually a 20B in this car https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/selling-an-outstanding-rx8/12968728
  10. kenster

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    @littlefeck Not cool, considering what a set of NGK leads costs. Surprising it didn't affect the trailing plugs at at all though.
  11. kenster

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Got round to changing the coils and plugs with standard Mazda coils, NGK plugs and NGK leads all from JP4mance. Handy job, glad I now have the shed because you'd be waiting a long time for a dry Sunday in Ireland. Now you may notice the lower plugs in the picture have a critical piece missing - the terminal was snapped on both - WTF? Any ideas what may have caused this? While I had it in I decided to sort out the filth on the headlights Some gentle use of Brasso later and she's got the twinkle back in her eyes.
  12. kenster

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    That's the front joint, that was just nuts on studs on the cat I removed. There were sprung bolts on the rear joint of the cat I removed. They couldn't be used with the Toyo so I just used what was in the kit with the Decat, Bolts & lock nuts at the front, and bolts, spring washers & nuts on the rear. You reckon it could be an issue?
  13. kenster

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Fitted a Toyosport Decat - shiny. Need to tighten it up a bit more though, sounds like the front joint has a leak, not sure is the gasket supplied with the unit sufficient.
  14. kenster

    South of the South Contingent Question

    Sounds interesting, what's the low down on getting Cat CEL deleted? Was going to order a standard ignition kit today but tempted to get the D585 kit now with this possibility.....
  15. kenster

    South of the South Contingent Question

    There was a Dyno Day in Cork in October 2014, place was JDM Garage, Tramore Road, Cork (there's an old thread on here for it.). Lads there were sound out. There was a guy there, Nicholas S, he's on the Facebook group, not sure if he's connected to them, may be able to help with any dealio.