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  1. Electric heated seats? Condition? $$$? You up Shligo way?
  2. Looking for an entire black n red leather interior, seats, door cards, steering wheel, etc.
  3. Bought another 8. Silver one has been off the road for months now, great to be back in a rotary. Few jobs to do, some bubbling in rear arches to sort, mid pipe to be transferred from the other 8 as well as the tablet set-up in the dash.
  4. Have you tried Adverts & FB marketplace? Yep, keeping an eye on usual sites but looking for some insider tips. Hard to tell from ads a lot of time how genuine descriptions are as opposed to cars people may know from the "rotary scene" to be good well minded yokes.
  5. Yep, correct on the tax thing, must be lucky enough not to have been spotted yet. Wonder would transfer of ownership highlight it on new owner? Also "service completed every 4K miles with fully synthetic oil" - Is that a can or worms I just heard opened?
  6. kenster

    Car Transport

    Any suggestions of contacts and idea of cost for getting an RX8 from Kilkishen, Co Clare to Shadow Rotary if was to send it for a rebuild?
  7. So my RX-8 has gone and died and currently contemplating my options. Between needing a rebuild and bodywork I'd say my own needs 4k+ put into it to revive it so considering just replacing with another 8. Any good ones out there? Preferably low mileage and good compression or something with a recent rebuild. Also a 6 speed and with leather interior. Ideally not needing bodywork. Bonus points if its red or black paint with Red and Black interior. A few on Donedeal but looking for the inside scoop from those in the know.
  8. I'm having an issue lately whereby when I accelerate in the 8 the response is delayed and intermittent. First it feels like the power just isn't there and it climbs the revs slower than usual, then it can kick in all of a sudden and then drop off again. I'm wondering if it could be the ignition system (usual suspect #1) or has anyone other theories or experience? Running a completely stock set-up in the engine, Mazda coils, magnecore leads, NGK plugs, bought from JP4mance in May 2016, prob done ~30k km since. Toyo decat mid-pipe is only mod on car.
  9. Got a new battery - Car was dead-dead Monday morning, jump starts to get to and from work since. Hopefully new battery has it sorted and nothing more serious.
  10. Lads, educate dumb ass here: to fix the sills do you need replacement sills or will the repair guys fabricate something up? Also, some sill repairs I've seen have a textured finish, not smooth paint, is this intentional or as a result of type of paint used or what?
  11. Put me down for this. Gerard Kennedy aka Kenster (Track) On the assumption that I;ll be allowed to track the road car with just a helmet and don't need cages and harnesses etc. Missed last year so looking forward to this
  12. Mileage Birthday for the Rex. All 8s.
  13. http://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5013-how-much-do-you-pay-for-rx-8-insurance/&do=findComment&comment=65162
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