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  1. Paddy on Facebook was suggesting The Grid in Carlow Town. He knows the owner well, who is a big car guy, and reckons he can get a good group deal with more kart time. There are also a lot of places in Carlow to grab some nice grub and a great spot for pictures close by. Carlow Town is around 1.5h from Dub, 45m-1h from Kilkenny, same from Laois...so its relatively central. What say ye?
  2. Welcome Gabe! @turbointhebrain will be able to tell ya all the differences, if there are any at all
  3. Class, thanks for sharing! Definitely on the to do list at some stage! Spot many rotaries brapping around Hiroshima itself? :-p
  4. JayoM


    First I've heard of it. Any more details?
  5. Kruizer on here had one for sale, send him a PM.
  6. 800k for a 240z?!?! Ya sure you're not thinking of the 2000GT?
  7. Did he get it for a lot less? I remember Myles had it up for similar money before? And yeah, I was talking to Myles and it is the same car alright.
  8. It really is beyond clean. There are worse ones going for 7-9k, I reckon it's an okay price, considering he'd probably let it go for 10k
  9. If that is the same one, then he isn't holding onto it too long! I met Myles down at the Rally of the Lakes and he was driving it then. Super clean car! At least it was!
  10. Won't be in the Cosmo anyway, man. That 20b turned out to be an absolute turd and shat itself after a couple of days. Total piece of shit. It's over in the UK now getting a full rebuild, needed new housings and all. €€€€
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