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  1. AdrianG

    SOLD: 2006 BMW X5 Sport

    We've decided to sell our beloved BMW X5 Sport. We need something with 7 seats so we are selling this car. It's been ours for the last 3 and a half years and in that time has been a dream to own. As you can see from the the mini website I made to sell the car it's been a very well cared for motor. It has never missed a service interval and is fully serviced right up until May 2014 (or another 9,000km). So, here are the full details.. you can see the full image gallery here.... 2006 BMW X5 Sport - 3.0D Full Service History From New, Never Missed A Service Interval Serviced Recently (Next Serice Not Due Until May 2014 or 9,000 more km) 2 Irish Owners From New 77,000 Miles (125k km) Cream Leather Interior Excellent Tyres All Round Factory Sports Suspension Setup Automatic and Tiptronic Transmission with xDrive System Sport Mode - Changes Gear Shifts To Higher Rev Range Upgraded 19 inch Alloy Wheels Upgraded Titanium Kidney Grills - This was done at the dealers 2 years ago to greatly improve the looks of the front of the X5. Dynamic Stability Control Downhill Decent Mode Multi Function Steering Wheel With Stereo Controls Cruise Control, Controlled From Steering Wheel Also Full Colour Coding Alcantara Black Headlining Walnut Dash and Facia "Angel Eye" Factory Fitted Headlights Bluetooth Hands Free BMW Business Audio with CD and 8 Speakers BMW Factory Fitted Side Running Boards 2 Power Points in the Boot - Great for coolboxes and electronic devices for rear seat occupants Front and Rear Parking Sensors 2 Keys Alarm and Immobiliser Air Conditioning and Climate Control Boot Liner and Car Mats Fitted From New All Electric Windows Electric Mirrors Electric Remote Central Locking Electric Memory Seats 3 x 3 Point Seat Belts In Rear Roof Bars Automatic Headlight Washers Rain Sensitive Wipers Factory Fitted Boot Cover and Cargo Net NCT 1/14 Tax 12/13 SOLD SOLD SOLD
  2. Hey all, Put this advert on DoneDeal just now.... they were bought for an RX8... after I got stuck in the snow I said "never again"... but the car has moved on now... they were never used... so are for sale. Adrian http://www.donedeal.ie/for-sale/caraccessories/4201625
  3. AdrianG

    Update: SOLD 2004 RX8 231 Grey

    Re: Update: SOLD 2004 RX8 231 Grey Just watched my shiny RX8 drive into the distance. :smt006 :smt006 Gone to a good home from what I can tell, it will be minded well. I'll still visit at Christmas and birthdays and send postcards from holidays to it. :oops: :cry: 3 and a half years of ownership and enjoyed every mile... I would not be surprised if I have another RX8 in my life again some day... perhaps I'll drill and find oil in my back garden to fund the MPG It will be hard to replace when I do decide I need another motor... as said before simply nothing on the road for 5 grand that gives that mix of power, usability, reliability (in my experience) and comfort. :smt006 :smt006 :smt006 :smt006 :smt006
  4. AdrianG

    Update: SOLD 2004 RX8 231 Grey

    Re: Update:Deposit Taken -Thinking of selling - gauging inte No, it didn't actually... more the M9 I would that thought I am sure the new owner will update here when they pick it up early this week. You are right Muckwarrior.... no point in dwelling on it... reckon it was a grand under priced though at least from talking to James... but look, onwards and upwards. Going to do with being a 1 car family for a while... more cycling for me then ever now... needs must and all that....
  5. Guys, Visited James, AKA The Real Podge on this forum today for a compression test on my RX8 that was for sale. He's in Palmerstown, Dublin 20. Top service, as has been said on here before. There was another chap working with him who knew his stuff too... but forget his name. They had an RX8 in for a new exhaust, another 7 being rebuild and you can just tell they are rotary heads and decent guys. Looking for a rebuild or service, you should contact them. Adrian
  6. AdrianG

    Update: SOLD 2004 RX8 231 Grey

    Deposit Taken - Re: Thinking of selling - gauging interest Well that was quick! Didn't even advertise it outside this post and I took a deposit today. I will let the new owner, who is on here, reveal who bought it. Took it to "The Real Podge" from this forum (AKA James) for a compression test and it passed no hassle. I also realised today that I probably undervalued the car since it's got every extra, good compression and low miles... but that's life sometimes. I'll update with me feelings when it drives off this week... if I am not too upset :roll: :?
  7. Hey there, I am thinking of selling my 2004 RX8 :cry: , but I am reluctant. I want to gauge the interest on here... see what people think of the spec and price. I have 3 kids now.. that and the fact that I cycle to work means that my RX8 is getting used very little... it deserves a better home :oops: I have created a mini-website that I will tag onto the CarZone/DoneDeal advert when I publish them. This approach has helped me sell my cars in the past. Here you go... opinions welcome......... :smt024..........http://www.invictus.ie/rx8
  8. AdrianG

    04 Grey RX8

    Re: 04 Grey RX8
  9. AdrianG

    04 Grey RX8

    Re: 04 Grey RX8 Ha ha, I was in Fairview last night just before 6pm heading out of town... may well have been me
  10. AdrianG

    Breaking : Mazda RX8 2004

    Re: Breaking : Mazda RX8 2004 Hi, Do you have the 2 headlight levelling control units and looms that sit on the axels? Adrian
  11. Re: Strange noise turing over, will not start Hi there. Thanks for all the advice. It was badly flooded. Did the deflooding procedure for ages this morning and eventually got it to life in alot of white smoke! Great advice on here. Happy days! Thanks again!
  12. Re: Strange noise turing over, will not start Yes, very strongly actually.... why so?
  13. Re: Strange noise turing over, will not start Really? That's kind good news. Pulling the plugs, do I crank the engine with them out? How do I pull the plugs... just the caps off them is it... or get a wrench and remove them? I have removed the fuel pump fuse and am trying the deflood procedure (accelerator floored crank for 4 second.... wait... try again.... fuse back in... no accelerator....crank again) but it's not working... and it did the last time a year ago. Worried now I will not be able to get it started myself... A
  14. Re: Strange noise turing over, will not start Here is the thread on the UK forum that I started FYI: http://www.rx8ownersclub.co.uk/forum/vi ... 77&start=0
  15. Videos Added: Strange noise turing over, will not start Thanks Podge... I wouldn't know what to look for to be honest.... I, took the videos which might help! The background noise is passing traffic as I live on a main road. The first is my trying to start the car.... from someone outside filming it. I tried once with the lights on to show you that it hardly even dims the lights... so I am thinking it's not the battery. I got a new battery last year anyway This is from inside the car... trying twice You can see there is no "bite" or crank or grip from the starter... it's just flying round and round... Thanks for watching! Adrian