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  1. Good man @Chazz , I believe it was Anthony who got the street port done on yours this time tho.. and an excellent job he did. He can work miracles with those hands
  2. RichieDC

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Today was eventful! Got up to Shadow just in time to meet the one and only Carl.. aka chazz , who was there to pick up his fantastic example of an 8. Built, ported and gleaming. Man she sounded sweet. Hot start on the button with just 2km on the new block! I also got my brake replaced all round, the brake fluid flushed and refilled with dot 5.1, braided goodridge brake lines front and back fitted, and a new HEL clutch line too. Stopping powaahhh!! Quickest stopper on the block now lol
  3. My only input after catching up is I'm both heartbroken for ya Carl but at the same time relieved that there's no more wasting of your own time. The guys here are spot on tho. A stern phone call back to the builder, and further follow up if no compensation is offered. That's an incredible list of inappropriate and unsuitable parts used. And +1000000 on the porting comment. You won't know her when she's done right
  4. RichieDC

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Bae...We need to talk x
  5. RichieDC

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Got a few bits myself for Tiffany.. Got the rear discs upgraded with some decent brembo pads, some mt90 for the tranny, new silicone piping for the catch can, and braided brake lines on the way. Lightened Flywheel is next on the list .. the never ending list lol
  6. Glad to hear that buddy.. She's in good hands as I'm sure you've seen. The lads will do everything possible before pointing to a build, so fingers crossed for ya. I'll be in with them over the weekend if you're around??
  7. Intermittent power steering probs is a common fault, it's because the coolant reservoir overflow tube points straight at the power steering connections. Open both connections , clean away the corrosion with a bud and electrical cleaner , add a dab of wd40 and reconnect. Should fix it right up. Another somewhat common fault is the earth on the electrical power steering rack itself, a good earth will fix it. It's most likely one of those. Good hunting anyway
  8. Chazz, i know you've been meticulously looking after the car after the rebuild. And I'm not wishing any bad JuJu here, but get it compression tested. If you have an hr, get it up to eoin and Anthony for a second opinion. For peace of mind if nothing else. Fyi, not to point fingers, but my previous engine crapped itself before 25,000 after a rebuild from someone well known who made a catastrophic error while rebuilding. The lads in Shadow spotted it straight away after opening the block. Again, it's probably electronics, or vacuum issues, but I'd get the compression tested now that you've tried everything. Fingers crossed for you anyway buddy
  9. RichieDC

    Annual Irish Rotary get together 2017

    "THE LIST" 1. Panda (Track) 2. Rex (Track) 3. Richie (Track / Crack and a big Mac) 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Edited 37 minutes
  10. RichieDC

    Merry Christmas Rotards

    Finally the penne drops
  11. RichieDC

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Still never found it either lollz
  12. RichieDC

    Taking off the Exhaust

    That sounds flippin ace @Aido 8 !!! Crackin job
  13. RichieDC

    shadow rotary

    Eoins is on the blink afaik, but Anthony is back today, should be able to get him on 085 777 1808
  14. RichieDC

    New cork lad

    It looks to me like you've started off on the right foot here John. Well you may wear As the gang have said above, it's a fantastic community and a great bunch of knowledgeable skins in here. I do the street porting @ shadow rotary since 2014 and the results speak for themselves. So when it comes to the time you decide to get a rebuild, just shout and we'll look after you. FYI, if there's very little damage to the internals of the block when it arrives for a build and port, then your budget should be able to cover both. The list Brady put together covers a good bit of the benefits, but it's only when you drive it yourself will you feel the difference it makes. Here's a vid of how my 8 sounded the day we finished the build and port. And the next vid is from the dyno day we all did earlier this year. I've put 33,000 on her since without skipping a beat.
  15. RichieDC

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Well you know what they say Jp.. Good things come to those who strap €150 onto the front left shocks.
  16. Most excellent!! Crackin show by the iroc
  17. I'm already there! What's taking y'all so long??
  18. RichieDC

    Taking off the Exhaust

    Good man yourself @Aido 8 Fair play. All that knowledge and hands on work is invaluable when it comes to looking after our cars.
  19. RichieDC

    DoneDeal and other classifieds thread.

    Yeah he's a busy body , usually under the sump of a car, maybe try a text as he always gets back then. As far as I know they've a red and a black for building and possibly a silver too.. All between 04-06 if I recall. Again when I say below 6k then there's bound to be room for haggling. But yeah, having a brand new build , ported and warranty is priceless when it comes to buying... I know the guys well, and have worked with them, but as biased as I may be I'd put them at the forefront of Rotary mechanics/garages in the country.
  20. RichieDC

    DoneDeal and other classifieds thread.

    Hey ice, Did you try Anthony at shadow? 085 777 1808 I dunno your budget, but they've a 6speed 231 that's being newly built (and streetported if required) and sold with a full warranty for under 6k all in. Just my 2c but if you're looking for peace of mind and a cracking car to boot that's the way to go
  21. RichieDC

    Japfest 2016 - September 25th Mondello

    Awww twas a right bitta craic hun ..I've a few pics.. If you wanna put a gallery together I'm sure there's loads of pics between all the crew. Feel free to move these somewhere too lol
  22. RichieDC

    Sligo Area code reader.

    I'll be tulsk bound on Sunday if you don't get sorted by then and are stuck, ill have it with me
  23. RichieDC

    Irish Rotary @ Japfest 2016

    Thanks chaps, it was a challenge just using the phone but came out well, glad yas like it
  24. RichieDC

    Irish Rotary @ Japfest 2016

    Here's the YouTube HD link for the Iroc Japfest video Enjoy