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  1. Arthur

    Mx5 Vs. Rx7

    Im mainly referring to fuel costs and insurance. Since I'm only 22 im sure all the insurance companies would be excited at the prospect of bending me over the barrel with a premium. And as much as I do want an rx7 i think the thing holding me back the most is the money I would probably spend. I think for both cars I'd spend plenty of $$ on since I'd be picky about how the overall condition/quality of the car.
  2. Arthur

    Mx5 Vs. Rx7

    Hi guys, Havent been active in a long time but still considering getting an Rx7 (Fd3s), however there is still a conflict going on in my head as to what I should get (I like certainty and I want to decide even if it may be further down the line.) The car I have been wanting for quite a while now is definitely the rx7, but with time the idea has come in where i can buy an mx5 mk1, as its also got some charm to it, and the pop up lights . If I where to get an mx5 there I would be making upgrades and building it to some degree, as its the cheaper car so i can afford to do that. What i wanted to know though for the rx7 if i was to get one, a rough breakdown cost would be pretty cool please I would probably make it into my daily/regular car, as I dont need to use it to get to work just weekends or stuff like that, would be doing a bit of motorway driving on it. Any ideas/suggestions would be great thanks!
  3. Arthur

    93 Mazda Rx7 FD3S - PZ Black

    Re: 93 Mazda Rx7 FD3S - PZ Black ahh what a beauty! shame i dont have to cash right now... Goodluck with the sale!
  4. Arthur

    Best place to get a stock Rx-7?

    Re: Best place to get a stock Rx-7? Thanks for the tips guys! I'm looking for something with a stock or mostly stock engine, I dont mind bodywork, thats all more or less easily changed. I've seen JP's car up for sale and then I've also seen Advan's. Two beautiful cars that I'd love to take home right now! but sadly i havent the budget for the car just yet, im still doing research, talking to people looking at cars, reading topics/articles on the Rx7. Ill continue looking around, until i have the required funds to buy the car! Another thing im waiting for to happen is to hopefully rack up a bit more time to rack up some driving experience to make my insurance lower. Becouse if i go to any insurance company at my age (19) with an Rx7 its like asking to be fucked up the ass! :/ Thanks for the help! GLWS Advan & Jp.
  5. Arthur

    Herblenny Epic Build 20B FD

    Re: Herblenny Epic Build 20B FD This is so awesome! i need to start taking notes for when i get my FD
  6. Arthur

    Autoblog Article on new possible Rx7

    Re: Autoblog Article on new possible Rx7 Awesome! sleepless nights here i come!
  7. Arthur

    It's a rotary Jim, but not as we know it

    Re: It's a rotary Jim, but not as we know it interesting indeed just wondering though, as ive never been too good with physics, just know a little. But dosent that mean if the presure in the engine is increased, then the overall power of the engine is aswell? hope that dosent sound too idiotic on my part, thanks.
  8. Arthur

    Best place to get a stock Rx-7?

    Re: Best place to get a stock Rx-7? well i want an unmoded one becouse i dont want one thats already been tampered with by someone who might not entirely know what their at, so then if something happens to it, itl be more my fault than anyone elses. Right Subzero thanks for the tip mate, will know that, but as the guys posting before you said might be totaly unworth it to import seeing as vrt is going up in 2013, fecking wankers! Oh and Gav, im not looking for the cheapest one i can find im looking for something not too dear not not cheepest one out there.
  9. Arthur


    Re: Importing. Thanks for the tips guys. I have been looking around different websites to see what i can come up with. And yeah with shipping and vrt the imported car will become about the same value. But I'll continue to look around and maybe ill dig up something interesting.
  10. Arthur


    Hey guys. I'm still researching on weather to buy a Rex here in Ireland or import on from Japan. Im just looking for advice, has anyone imported a Rex and is there anything special i should know, anywhere i should look to buy the car. I know im saying im buying the car in about 12 months, but i want to keep my options open. Im hoping to be able to buy a relatively cheep car hopefully with little mods. Im aiming at anything around €4500, and may be willing to go to the €5000 mark, that depends on the car. The reason why im considering importing is because there is a limited market here plus most cars are modded or the price is fairly high. Any advice is appreciated alot. Thanks.
  11. Arthur

    Hi guys!

    Re: Hi guys! Sorry for not replying earlier. Ive checked insurance prices already, and will obviously do at a later stage when I will be buying/looking for the car. Currently I have little experience driving but if the car does bite back as you say then I'll learn not to make the same mistake
  12. Re: 3rd gen (FD) buying guides A bit dated at this stage but thanks! got some useful info
  13. Arthur

    Hi guys!

    Re: Hi guys! I will try looking out for some meets, thanks man! I don't mind getting a 7 that's not in tip top shape, in fact id rather get one that is i need of improvement but runs. I want to buy one that's not highly tuned/modified that will run for at least a year or two until i save up some cash to give it some work. But I will definitely want to go for a test run on one of these before I end up getting it. But I'm sure I'll love it.
  14. Arthur

    Best place to get a stock Rx-7?

    Re: Best place to get a stock Rx-7?
  15. Arthur

    Best place to get a stock Rx-7?

    Re: Best place to get a stock Rx-7? http://www.tradecarview.com/used_car/ja ... ?lp=2&hp=3 http://www.tradecarview.com/used_car/ja ... /10661223/ thats the car itself though, not including shipping. I've done some basic research and i can already see it costing me over €5,500. I just want a simple Rx-7 without mods or anything, I want to those myself.