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  1. jp


    If you want it to be reliable & take a reasonable amount of boost then lower compression rotors would be best alright, or run water-meth (which adds another point of failure).
  2. jp

    How much is an RX-8 really worth?

    If your question is what is it actually worth, then the answer is the old "whatever someone is willing to pay for it". If your question was what would it sell for then here's some insight: 6-speed examples sell for less than €2K in good nick; a 5-speed (which is less desirable for most folks that would want one nowadays) will be less again because it's a lower spec than it's 6-speed equivalent, less powerful, nearly as bad on juice & the same cost to maintain. RX8s are slow sellers of late unless they're priced around €500-1K in which case people seem to take a punt on them, but you'll be waiting a while to find a discerning owner looking for a 5-speed, no two ways about it. That said, you could be lucky - one way or another it's likely a waiting game to find the right buyer.
  3. jp

    spotted FC in Santry

    Chap called Aaron I believe..? He's on the FB group alright, not sure if he's on the forum though.
  4. This crowd do a stainless sports cat as an alternative & the error code shouldn't show up once fitted - it'll allow more flow through the exhaust but will keep some of the smell to a minimum: http://stores.ebay.ie/performancediscs/
  5. jp

    New to Rotary Scene

    Welcome to IrishRotary David! Let us know how you get on in your hunt for a 7!
  6. jp


    Nay bother dude! If it's any help, the radiator I used in my last RX8 when I built it is the same one @Colin used in his car from memory: a relatively inexpensive alu rad that fits perfectly & has more capacity than the standard unit. Made by a crowd called "Supeed" I think, their ebay name was "provenperformanceparts" if that helps.
  7. jp

    HELP!!! with car insurance

    It's probably a bit late at this stage but if you get the rejection of insurance from 3+ companies in writing you can go to the insurance ombudsman & see if they can help you. Your current insurer is (from memory) obliged to insure you if you change the car mid-year, what they charge you however is the question.
  8. jp


    I don't know of anyone that has done it over here but if you do I'd love to see the build thread of it. I know Rennies don't like boost in general, many design reasons why, but you can build an engine (comprised of previous generations of RX7 parts) that can run forced induction reliably. It'd be a lot bigger of a project than just adding the bolt-ons though.
  9. jp


    How's the engine now Aido?
  10. This. ^^ The people doing exhaust peri-ports on their Rennie engines might look at the housings if they were aware of them. Also, pics of the housings/plates might help people along.
  11. For anyone interested, the readings normalised to 250rpm (without taking into account atmospheric pressure/elevation) are: Front: 6.60bar, 6.33bar, 6.41bar Rear: 7.54bar, 7.47bar, 7.54bar Free bump for an awesome-looking & very rare RX8! Best of luck with the sale John!
  12. jp

    Series 8 FD3S Type R

    Belated welcome to IrishRotary John! Looking forward to seeing some snaps when it lands!
  13. Any pics of which wing you mean specifically? As in the wing you'd find on a Bathurst Edition FD? (...which may be a stock 1996-98 wing..?)
  14. jp

    Mazda RX7 Series 3 1985 Dublin

    Nay bother fella. Sure pop along to the next C&C even without the rotary & say hi wherever you see us all parked up. Pics aren't showing up?
  15. jp

    Wanted: FD3S Shell

    Would you not sell them your RZ or is that out of their price range for what they want?