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  1. Great purchase! Handy-out to use, aren't they??
  2. @dmarex - is this the same place?
  3. jp

    WANTED: RX8 Engine

    Cranking rpm for each of these respective tests prior to adjustment to 250rpm was... Front: 260 rpm Rear: 254 rpm RotaryCompressionTester.com tester V5.2 (current latest model). He's got a 1.2KW 13-tooth in there at the moment which in fairness was flying it; the battery he's got in there is one that's over-specced in preparation for the 2KW starter so it's more than capable too.
  4. jp

    WANTED: RX8 Engine

    What he said. ^^ They were performed using a rotary tester & adjusted to 250rpm.
  5. Heaps of parts gone now - first post updated. I believe someone was looking for rear lights? If so & you're reading this PM me, I've another set sitting there.
  6. Engine sold to a member on here. Hope they've many a happy year of rotoring ahead!
  7. If you've gotten 30K KMs out of your sparks you're doing well - try changing them first & coils next. From what I've gathered the Mazda coils seem to last about ~35K Miles/60K KMs give or take before they start to become an issue.
  8. If it is, the sooner you stop driving on the engine the more likely it is to have survivable components like the e-shaft, housings, plates, etc.
  9. Worth getting checked out for sure - can't tell if it's a noisy release bearing or not though. [emoji848]
  10. It's the whirring that is puzzling me though it could be just the sound that the microphone pics up - any change when you rev it?
  11. I've uploaded a pic taken this evening - the only bit of rust is the tiny bit at the top left of the photo at the edge of the standard lip spoiler.
  12. Give me a call so! I'll be on the mobile for the rest of the day & heading out the Shadow direction in the coming hour.