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  1. Try Campion & also try Autoline up North.
  2. Worth asking on the FB page too! If you're ever up in Dublin (once my new engine is swapped in) I'll bring you for a spin. Beware: it won't be anything close to a standard FD driving-wise but interior-wise it will be!
  3. jp


    The mint white one from the dealership in the West?
  4. How's it handle now compared to the last set?
  5. How's it coming? Are you doing a full strip-down?
  6. Good to hear you're getting help with it - they should steer you in the right direction. Any progress?
  7. Welcome to IrishRotary & best of luck with the hunt! If you can find a tidy RX8 in your budget that compression tests well & is looked-after, then I'd go for that (least hassle). If not, then buy one that's in good nick but the engine compression is poor & build it up from there.
  8. jp

    New to RX8

    Welcome to IrishRotary Mike! Where are these pics??
  9. I like that the PZ backbox is neighbour-friendly but will still sing when you give it some throttle. I've the same one on the Premix5.
  10. Scott Chapman in Meath comes well recommended - 086 455 4509.
  11. jp


    Welcome to IrishRotary! Any pics of the 8?
  12. Closing this thread - see full thread at the link below.
  13. G'day everyone! As the main IrishRotary event this year we're doing a Rotary & Mazda-specific diagnostics & dyno-day (otherwise known as a "Rolling Road Day") for the club. This will be where we get to not only check on the health of our mechanical Doritos (& other piston-powered 2WD Mazdas) & see what power they're actually making, but also get to meet up with other fellow rotorheads/Mazdas, witness some freshly-finished project builds (or partially finished! They're welcome too!!), and some spectacular sights over the Irish countryside with the sounds of rotaries filling the air! Naturally as you've probably gathered by now, all other Mazdas are also welcome on both days! This thread is about what's happening over the two day event! On the days there will be: 1) Dyno power-runs to see bhp/torque readouts, Air-Fuel Ratios, boost levels for those with turbo'd rotaries, etc - done by Stiv from MDTuning. 2) Diagnostics / Reflashing / Non-dyno map adjustments for RX8s & possibly RX7s - coordinated by @littlefeck (Jamie) 3) Rotary Compression Testing with Mazda compression testers - @fduker & @MCON. 4) CarBQ Food - Yep, that's right: it's a BBQ made out of a car! We'll be using this to cook up our lunch whether rain or shine! Alternatives are available in the local town for those with particular dietary needs. We're also looking for a volunteer to take the lead on this one & coordinate with 2 others to help get the food in, ideally cook it & (ideally) not poison the rest of us - chefs or experienced BBQ Gods preferred! Please ring/text/message/PM/carrier-pigeon me if you'd enjoy a bit of BBQ'ing for a small group of hungry rotorheads. 5) General mechanical/electronic diagnostics & advice (& maybe help with fitting some small parts if there's interest) - this will be done by a combination of all the rotary-related experts & enthusiasts that will be present on the day & is subject to them being free from the other things they're doing on the day including enjoying themselves & having the banter! ...cause experts need a holiday too y'know... The Very Important (Confirmed) Details... What: Rotary-specific Dyno & Diagnostics Day (BBQ lunch will be provided via CarBQ) + Overnight stay in: Kilkenny [UPDATED!] Thurles: We looked at the price of Kilkenny hotels for the Saturday 13th of July & it was looking like €250 p/room p/night for a twin room anywhere with a car-park that could accomodate these types of cars so instead we've opted for Thurles which is closer to the Vee & much cheaper at €150 p/room in a decent hotel. I've now booked into this place: it's called the Anner Hotel & isn't far from the centre of town if people want to head in there in the evening after the Dyno Day. Feel free to book the rooms for yourselves directly. + Drive to the "Vee" the next day (Sunday): leaving the Anner Hotel at 12 O'Clock give-or-take a few mins. Where: MD Tuning, Unit 8, Urlingford Business Park, Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny + Thurles (location of stay as above) +The Vee (Sunday), drive, stop, take a few snaps, have banter, etc. + Possibly a lunch afterwards - we'll see what people feel like on the day, otherwise it's home-time. When: Sat July 13th (Dyno) & Sun (Drive) July 14th 2019 Time: Sat 09:00 - 20:00 (Yep - an early start, a late finish & it's alllllll day!) Being realistic, most people will probably be leaving their house between 06:00 & 07:00 on that Saturday morning depending on where you are in the country assuming you're keeping to the speed limit. Sun 12:00 - 15/16:00 (Not as early a start but still a long day with a good bit of driving so you may be pretty tired by the time all's said & done. How much: €45 a head for a dyno-run incl. BBQ - paid in advance via Ticketing (nearly gone already!). €6.50 for any other attendee including BBQ: anyone without a ticket on the day will not be admitted - please book in advance to avoid disappointment. €35 (likely) for a rotary compression test - payable on the day to the person doing the testing. €150 per twin room: bring a friend/other half & share the cost! Prices as of today 13/06/2019 for a twin room in the Anner Hotel. Significant others: More than welcome & encouraged! FAQ: How do I reserve my place on the dyno? Pay via the IrishRotary Shop as above - once the slots are all bought there will be none left unless we manage to squeeze one or two in before the end of the day (these can be paid-for directly to JP on the day at the same rate as above). How do I reserve my place for getting my car compression-tested? Find & speak with @fduker and/or @MCON on the day (one of the organisers will tell you their real names/point them out if you approach one of us on the day). How about the diagnostics / reflashing etc? Either PM @littlefeck in advance to avoid disappointment as these things can take time, or chance your arm finding & speaking with him on the day - he'll be the chap with the laptop & a lot of cables with his head periodically stuck in the driver's footwell of an RX8. What if I need to know something on the day, who do I speak to? Me, JP - I'll be your go-to guy for the day. You'll figure out pretty quickly who I am as there's a good chance I'll be greeting you on the way in! What's a dyno run? Type "rolling road RX7/8" or "RX7/8 dyno run" into YouTube & you'll see for yourself. Can I turn up just for the 'meet'/social aspect & not dyno my car or get a compression test & still eat CarBQ food? Yes, once you purchase the "BBQ" token in this link at least 48hrs in advance so that we will know you'll be there - this is for security & so that we know how much food we'll need. Will the event end once all the cars have been dyno'd? Nope, we're heading out for a social session afterwards & staying in Thurles, as well as going for a drive up the Vee the next day, take some snaps on-location, possibly followed by food before we all head home. Can I attend just the Saturday social stuff in the evening or just the "Day 2" drive & whatever the other activities end up being? Yep! Once you let us know at the absolute latest of 48hrs in advance - otherwise we can't guarantee to have the head-space to keep you in the loop for whatever it is you want to do (e.g. via a Whatsapp group). Fan-freakin'-tastic!! Where do I sign up??? Just post up below & buy the tickets via this link here! I will be in attendance & I'm mainly there for... (Copy & paste the list & add yourself to it once you've got a ticket) 1) JP - Dyno run, food, banter, being the go-to guy on the day, overnight stay, drive to the Vee, whatever else afterwards. 2) Mike Hogan - witness the dyno day and eat food ! And then drive to the vee on the Sunday. Sat night out depends on who I bring with me! 3) Aido 8 - Dyno run, etc. 4) Dara - Drive, food and the rest. 5) ...
  14. Get on to the consumer affairs crowd - start with www.citizensinformation.ie to read up on your rights.
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