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  1. Congratulations on the new arrival!! And very best of luck for the build. Very ambitious How are you planning to block off the exhaust ports on the MSP side plates? I'd heard the Puerto Rican's were using high temperature liquid metal - but with generally poor/short-lived results
  2. Well Littlefeck... Any update on this epic build
  3. Cheers lads. I'll have a look at the Facebook page. Great to meet you Sean and thanks again for the compression test. Much appreciated! Oh... And congratulations on the bump!!!
  4. Anyone get any decent photos? I didn't even take one
  5. Wow!! Any updates on this? Amazeballs spec
  6. Looking forward to watching this come together
  7. What an amazing day!! Absolutely loved it Thanks so much to everyone who worked so hard to put it all together! JP - littlefeck - Rex Ruthor - Lordderak - Kiwi-mike - SeanMcg - MCON - and whoever else I've forgotten to mention! There was a huge amount of effort put in to the day and it really showed!! Amazing food. Seriously the food really made the day for me! I was starving and it was bloody delicious And of course a big thank you to Stiv and the staff of MD Tuning. Very professional set up. Brilliant to meet old buddies - Podge - JP - MCON - DMarex - Littlefeck - N
  8. Class!! Laughing out loud!! Holy Schnazballs I'm seriously impressed by that yoke. I'll buy one for sure. Top work buddy!!
  9. 1) JP - (Your go-to guy on the day) Dyno run, food, banter PAID 2) Richie D.c. (Official Chef #2) - there for Dyno, food (Michelin star BBQ coordinator extraordinaire), banter, strippers, and to see Jamie do that thing with the nutella & clothes pegs PAID 3) Rex Ruthor (Official Chef #1 & the food supplier) - compression test, food, banter, to say hello in person and see Richie DC do the jizz wax polish after looking at Jamie do the Nutella and pegs thing with the strippers 4) Littlefeck - dyno run, remapping/flashing as required - also bringing human sized jar of nutte
  10. That's an amazing deal!! Fair play. I just payed Carol Nash €400!! Still, it was bette than the €690 123 were quoting me!!
  11. This crowd are on the long mile road in Dublin and they reckon they do paint protection film on their website. I haven't used them myself so I can't say anything positive or negative about them.... http://www.wtsireland.net
  12. Huge thanks to Berniec!!! Just saved me €250😃ðŸ‘😄😄 Renewed my insurance for €401 fully comp with Carole Nash as a classic car with limited milage of 4k miles max per year. ChuffedðŸ‘ðŸ‘
  13. Would deffo need very well documented history from day 1 AND immaculate interior/exterior condition at that price!! Especially if younger PZ's are available for less!! To be honest it's not the compression that bothers me so much with 8's it's the risk of bearing failure. Would want evidence of super strict oil changes and preferably higher weight than 5W-30W oil used😃
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