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  1. I will be and i'd say young Mike will be too in his 8, @Rex Ruthoryou have room for me in the tent right?
  2. Good Morning Derak can i make an appointment with you or your Friend Carlos to see my Rx 8 

    please i am always off on Sundays and Mondays please :)

  3. My FD was tested by Jamie, as always twas an interesting process
  4. Personally id only use 15w40 as 10w40 is too thin and thin oil kills rotaries, this is coming from a well known engine builder in the UK so just his opinion.
  5. I have a scanner and my neighbour is a great mechanic, Carlos is still knocking about in Limerick also he's a former Mazda mechanic who went out on his own.I will help if i can.
  6. lordderak

    Car history

    Jesus looking at this list above, my early car's are embarrassing. VW Polo 1.4 (60bhp) Hyundai Coupe 2.0 (138bhp) Mazda RX8 (231bhp) Mazda RX7 FD3S (280bhp) the trend is going up, so hopefully the next yoke will be something mental like 500BHP...lol
  7. if anyone is shooting down my direction (limerick) and can swing by JP and pick up the spoiler there is a huge jar of nutella, tea and a firm handshake in it for you. Cheers
  8. long shot but is that spoiler still there JP?
  9. I'm booked in and paid lads, hope there is room for me.
  10. Nobody we know of poisoned, @Rex Ruthor happy days, great day despite my FD being an FD on the day.
  11. The car!!! nah Jamie ive a lovely insulated kennel in the garden, fenced in and all so he cant escape, i'll even throw in a few squeaky toys for entertainment
  12. Yeah tis a pity alright, but sure i can spin up to you if needs be and get that done again, id only electrocute myself.
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