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  1. rash0001

    BLACK95 FD GOIN REAL CHEAP(price drop)

    Just checked and the PM is still in my savebox! Anyway best of luck. If you still want to sell it before you go then drop me a PM! The chap who wanted to buy it has his birthday on 21st Feb, so I convinced him he can treat himself to an Rx7! Anyway good luck in Oz!
  2. rash0001

    BLACK95 FD GOIN REAL CHEAP(price drop)

    Sent you a PM two days ago, did you get that? Tried to line up a genuine buyer for it. Still interested in selling? Can you let me know if the car has any NCT left? and what wheels will you be putting on them? do you still have the original ones you got with the car? I drove that car in 2006 and have had a good look at it and was supposed to buy it but came across a bathurst one so went for that. What is the current milage now? It was supposed to be rebuilt at around 60k not sure if it was miles or kms...
  3. rash0001

    BLACK95 FD GOIN REAL CHEAP(price drop)

    If I am not mistaken, this car was rebuilt by new era in UK and was previously owned by a guy named David. Seriously the price is great even if a rebuild is required! Best of luck with the sale. Will text a few mates and see if they want an RX7...
  4. rash0001

    rx7 for sale

    Test drove that in May or June as I was interested in buying it as a drift spec. It looked good for the price even with the body work damage as it included all the gauges and roll cage etc I would have had to buy otherwise but as mentioned the engine didn't sound right! And I also felt that the turbo (turbine) had been clipped or wouldn't spool well. Also they were willing to let it go for 5750 or 5950 but I wasn't interested as according to my estimate I would have had to spend at least 4000 euros to get it up and running in a few months or even days! And that is only for the work done on the engine! I would still consider it if they let it go for 2500 or less
  5. rash0001

    GEO147 FD for sale!?

    Just saw an FD for sale on carzone. Looks like its George's http://www.carzone.ie/search/Mazda/RX-7 ... annel=CARS Why the sale!? Almost everyone is selling up! P.S - Geoge, guess the Sky HD subscriptions are just too much for you to maintain the FD as well.
  6. rash0001


    how much did the rebuilt set you back? by the look of it everything has been changed!
  7. rash0001

    my sexy rx8

    Think I saw this 2 days ago. Don't remember where but I think it was parked opposite the Movies@ Dundrum open car park? What is the data traveler USB drive for?
  8. rash0001

    Thinking of buying this...

    I dont think anyone on here owns it. I think its a fresh jap import. Its already been registered, not sure why they did.
  9. Hi all, Thinking of getting the following: http://www.carzone.ie/search/Mazda/RX-7 ... 307/advert Its around 400Bhp I told them to dyno and confirm it and let me know. Single turbo but dunno which turbo it is. Hardly had time to check all that but visually it looked good. Recaro Bucket seats. Roll cage. Seems to have almost every gauge available. It isn't mapped but I'll get that done. Any comments?
  10. rash0001

    Mazda RX-8 231/6sp

    sorry to hear about your accident! Hope things turn out well for you. Good luck with the sale!
  11. rash0001

    Mazda RX-8 231/6sp

    Wrong not as in with the car but looks like you sold it far cheaper then the market value or something like that. so the new buyer is trying his luck! Only a fool will buy cars at the marked value in this climate with no interest in keeping it long term!
  12. rash0001

    Mazda RX-8 231/6sp

    It's back for sale here: http://www.adverts.ie/showproduct.php?p ... 6733&cat=2 What's wrong with it?
  13. rash0001

    Value This Car Please!!

    I wouldn't value that at 7000! Actually I would but no way would I expect that much! A 94 model R2 was sold for 6000, a 95 was sold for 7000 with alot of expensive mods. I heard of a 92 being sold for 4500, I can't confirm that but I would think if you find a buyer for a 92 one then you are lucky!
  14. rash0001

    Might be getting this....

    the link doesn't work now but was this the white car with graphics? was going pretty cheap... best of luck with it!
  15. rash0001

    95 fd for breaking.

    actually not only CJ, we all who knew the car will be! Wasn't that in line to be awarded the best looking and looked after car in Ireland!? :? What and how exactly did it meet its end?