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  1. Guys if anyone is interested in these I promise I'll do a very very good deal.just need these gone ASAP...
  2. hi lads, i have for sale japspeed suspension arms ( all rear arms,no lower laterals ) details in the link below http://www.rx8ownersclub.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=146&t=74755 obviously ignore the bit about collection at Rotary Revs,they are still available and if someone wants them I'm open to a sensible offer.These cost €650 new and with only circa 700 miles on them they are in great condition,looking for €450 but open to sensible offers...
  3. That's crazy,only n this bloody country would you get a scenario like that...best of luck Aido,hope it doesn't sting too much
  4. Did you not get a VRT quote before you bought it?
  5. Very easy to fit Chazz ( mine are hubcentric ) just pop off the wheels,clean down the hub and studs with a small wire brush,make sure the hub is really smooth and clean to ensure perfect mating with the spacer,apply some copper grease to each stud and fit the spacer,tighten and your good to go
  6. Vid of the MILLTEK in action.... I fitted the 20mil spacers recently too.... have japspeed suspension arms and drop links going on her soon
  7. Get yourself a set of vredestein Vorti's Aido,superb tyre and really good value on oponeo.ie.....I have them on mine ( 245/35/19 ) they were €700 delivered from oponeo,had them in three days,well impressed.Pirelli P ZERO's are a great tyre too,they are in and around the same price as the vred vorti's....Yours will be a bit cheaper Aido because the S1 8's are 18" EDIT.....wow just did a quick search on oponeo.ie for your tyre size which I think from memory on the S1 8's is 225/40/18......Vred vorti's are coming in at just under €400 the Pirelli P Zero's are just over €400,great price on both,you can't go wrong on either Aido
  8. Congrats on the car Aido,looks great.....welcome back to the world of Doritos
  9. Might take me in a straight line,best of luck trying to catch me in the twisties....
  10. Defo,some gorgeous 7's there too.....I don't know why more people don't go to the UK for their rotaries,there's always lovely examples for sale on the UKOC where you know they will be very well looked after because their owners are clued in and take pride in their cars,also the specialists have sweet cars for sale from time to time also.....total no brainer
  11. Ya but just look at it!! That's still less than a poxy second hand Ford Focus and just look at what you'd have for it.You need to cast the net wider to get a cracking 8 these days,too many bad ones here....
  12. Check out rotary revs FB page,an absolutely stunning white 40th anni for sale with a gold rebuild,car is absolutely mint,not a blemish on it.....looking for a shade under £5.5K
  13. Had the Pettit/Miltek Catback installed at RR recently....Sounds awesome,the pops and farts are superb.....few pics, next up,20Mil spacers all round and meister r coilovers,tho I won't lower her til I get a second car as a daily
  14. Trust me not everyone has a genuine MS kit,they are very rare and very hard to get,lovely kit tho.....try japanparts.com they have loads of kits for the S1,the shipping is very expensive tho,the shipping on my kit was circa €600 plus you'll have customs on top of that
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