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  1. Something I would like has come up so willing to let go of some stock. Set of side plates - streetported in good useable condition - €500 Eccentric shaft - €100 Rotor housings - €250 each Rotors - €300 each, these are a matched set which came from an original engine Front cover - €75 Front stack assembly - includes oil pump, used chain, oil pump drive, timing gear, spacer and front pulley bolt - €100 Stock flywheel - €50 Vapour blasted lower intake manifold - €100 Black powder coated upper intake manifold, powder coating is chipped in places but still good condition - €75 With all engine parts I would recommend sending for resurfacing and balancing but I've gotten fussy. Collection preferred so you can see all parts.
  2. Paul I'm down for 1 too so we can combine shipping.
  3. U can get rid of it and blank the opening
  4. The firsts. Lower turbine a/r and larger comp wheel. All down to personal preference of what you want of course.
  5. Don't reuse those springs. The seals themselves could do with being replaced as well.
  6. Engine number is below the tab where the hoisting bracket is bolted on the front plate. Yes 92fd is the same engine as 93-95. They were only available in the US from 93 to 95. You will need to measure the eccentric shaft using a micrometer and select bearings based on this.
  7. The colour is used to indicate the tolerance on the bearing. See link below. Check ur eccentric shaft for what bearing u need. Yellow is commonly used as it is a loose fit. https://www.mazdatrix.com/faq/bearingfaq.htm
  8. You won't need the injector diffusers if it going single with 500hp the target. You need injectors with good atomization from the nozzle
  9. The diffusers come with the atkins master rebuild kit. Personally I wouldn't use second had ones as the plastic does get brittle and can be damaged when pushing them out. If it breaks off the plastic will go straight into your engine.
  10. Don't need any solenoid if you're going single. Just measure everything to the fsm. Check for flaking of the chrome around the borders of the housing and seal chatter all round the housing.
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