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  1. Sorry, should have said. Yes, a fd.
  2. Hey, Anyone have an engine, box, and loom they are willing to part with? Can be running or not, and ideally would come with all ancillaries. Would also take a full car if at the right price. Cheers Dan
  3. dan_boy

    92 FD3S For Sale

    Car sold. Going to Poland.
  4. dan_boy

    92 FD3S For Sale

    Car sold. Going to Poland.
  5. dan_boy

    92 FD3S For Sale

    Car sold. Going to Poland.
  6. dan_boy

    92 FD3S For Sale

    Hey all, as much as I have been resisting it, the time has come and I have no choice but to sell my RX7. I bought the car of a mate a year ago, and did a few bits to get it on the road. I did the full non-sequential conversion and was running fine other than the fuelling being off. Brought it down to West Coast Performance for a map, but it developed a misfire which when compression checked a second time, turned out to be low compression on 2 of the chambers on the rear iron, so this indicates a damaged seal. As for the rest of the car it has: New pillow bushes on rear, New stainless track control arms on the rear, Brand new tyres all round, New NGK plugs and HT leads. The engine has the AC and air pump removed and hard efini y pipes. I have also fitted a replacement idler for the air pump so that there is full wrap around on the water pump and no risk of belt slippage and overheating. There is a Toyo aluminium rad, 6 paddle clutch, Power FC with controller, Front seats from a 96 RX, 3-Piece 17" Works wheels, Front splitter (could do with a paint) The car itself is generally good and straight. The paint job is in my opinion bad. From a distance and to many people they would see it as fine because it does bring up a nice shine but on close inspection it's not how I would like it, although if it was on the road, I would just drive it like it is. One headlight cover is real badly painted and it seems to have reacted. The paint is all cracks. I am looking for 3,400 which when you consider the 4 new tyres, pillow joints and track control arms come to over a grand alone, it's a fair price. Any more questions, either pm or call me on 087 4164376. Cheers Dan
  7. dan_boy

    FD3S wanted!

    Hey, I have a 92 fd which I could part with. Bought it after being parked for 2 years. Did a proper non - sequential conversion and brought it to WCP for mapping. Developed a misfire on the rollers and he found that 2 of the chambers on the rear rotor are down on compression so needs new tips. If you're interested, drop me a PM with your mail address and I'll send some pictures with more spec. Cheers Dan
  8. Hey all, I'm looking for the wiper linkages for an FD (wiper motor to wiper arms) The 2 sets I have, the middle mount is worn and the arm bounces and catches the bonnet. Anyone?
  9. dan_boy

    No Spark. Help

    Thanks lads but I got her running yesterday. Took off the plugs to the CAS and gave them a clean. Fitted them and boom, it fired up. Idles very nice but need to fix a few bits before I rolling road it. Might make the 7's day with it if all goes well.
  10. Hey, I've put the engine back in my rx and it's not firing. I've tracked it down to no spark so I checked the coils were getting power, they are, and I checked the CAS. With the ignition on, these are getting a solid 5V. is this right? Also, when cranking over, the PFC controller shoes the rpm as 0. Is the rpm read from the CAS? The car ran before I took the engine out and all I did with the CAS and trigger wheel was remove, clean and refit them, Any help appreciated. I hate car electronics.
  11. dan_boy

    Non-Sequential Q's

    Thanks but I actually forgot I have a second set of turbos. Checked them and got the pill from the line. Engine going in this evening and fire up tomorrow. fingers crossed it goes brap and not boom.
  12. dan_boy

    Non-Sequential Q's

    The vacuum lines were replaced several years ago but can't say the car was that fast before I took it off the road. Probably only boosting 7psi? I gather the pills are vital to get 10 psi? Not achievable by a PFC alone?
  13. dan_boy

    Non-Sequential Q's

    It's a 92.
  14. dan_boy

    Non-Sequential Q's

    Me again! Doing the conversion at the moment and I'm slightly confused. The car had new vacuum lines fitted before me but there doesn't seem to be any restrictor pills on the lines to the wastegates. I am only having the one wastegate but from what I gather I need the restrictor pill in the vacuum line. Is this correct? Also, since I an running a PFC, I am plumbing in one wastegate control solenoid and connecting to the loom. is this correct too? Cheers Dan.
  15. dan_boy

    Non-Sequential Q's

    Sorry to bring this oldish post up again but I'm currently in the process of going non-sequential and I'm just wondering what does everyone do with all the extra connections? I have a PFC so I don't need to connect a resistor into them but do people generally leave them there or cut them and fish back through the loom?