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    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Thanks JP, its taken nearly ten years to get it to this level. The wheels could do with a refurb but I am thinking of replacing them with 18's when I get some money together. I still have a list of stuff I want/need to do to the car to get it to the level I want it at, here's hoping it wont take another ten years ha.

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Cheers man, gonna miss driving it until I get it over to the uk but at least I will finally have some money to pour into her in a few months time......hopefully haha

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Took the car for a spin today and even treated it to a bit of a clean before I head to London for work on Thursday.


    Congrats Aido well wear now man.

    Coughing issues

    Probably if he has time. He is quite busy atm afaik. I am trying to get him to have a look at an issue of my own before I take to car to the UK. Pm him here or text him, I am sure his number is on here somewhere.


    Do not cut the springs besides it being dangerous you will mess up the handling of the car and will alter how it feels to drive. I am not familiar with fb's but there probably is some company that can supply lowering springs. Just change the old springs for lowered springs, much safer. As for the exhaust why do you want a straight through exhaust exactly? A straight through exhaust can be done a number of ways for example you could literally cut out the baffled sections and weld in a bit of pipe instead. You could go down the road of a custom full exhaust fabricated by an exhaust place. A straight through exhaust will be very loud. To get an idea take off the exhaust to the mid section and turn the car on, basically the same thing. I wouldn't imagine the fb has a very restrictive exhaust as it would be pre catalytic converters being a 79 car but you could swap it for a larger diameter exhaust but you'll more than likely need to get one fabricated up if you're not handy with a welder. Can't help with the air pump sorry as I am not familiar with the fbs to that extent.
  7. I am a little gutted as it would have been an unreal day but getting work is more important, gotta keep the thing in petrol some how ha. The plan at the moment is to bring the car over, not sure when exactly might be a few weeks after I start work as I need to sort a few niggles before a trip like that again.
  8. Wont make this unfortunately as I just accepted a job in the UK and will be moving over in June. Looks like it will be a good day too.

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    We are friends and meet up from time to time to chat about things. I hadn't spoken to him in about a year so needed an excuse to have a chat I suppose. No idea why you couldn't get in contact with him. I know he has been very busy for a while now with work and other stuff. I am not sure if he is still doing work on rx's in his spare time or not might be worth trying him again.

    Hello from Cork

    Welcome man I cant help with the starting issue sorry but I hope you sort it out soon. I would recommend changing all the fluids and filters and do a major service when you sort the starting issues. If not for peace of mind at least you'll know when things were last done. I would recommend oil and filter which you are already planning but I would include fresh fuel, fuel filter, fresh plugs and leads, Air filter, coolant and brake fluid and maybe even brake pads and belts for the engine. If the cars been sitting a while it may be even longer since all the fluids have been changed and they could lead to problems down the line.

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    At least you you didn't hit the wall or tree man could have been a lot worse. Glad its only minor stuff though. I fixed my low coolant buzzer wire to a permanent fix with the help of Fiachra. I had only a temp job to turn the buzzer off so yesterday fixed it properly. Also took the 7 for a spin out some local back roads which put a smile on my face.

    Fd3s rx7 wanted

    The amount of cars for sale atm is pretty poor tbh. Few reasons for that, a lot of cars have been broken or sold abroad over the last few years. There wasn't a great selection before the recession but now its almost non existent. Those that do have a 7 are more than likely keeping it as they are making nothing on the open market. Have you tried the UK? I know importing one would be a hassle and probably cost more with vrt etc but there seems to be a bigger selection over there and a lot of them are in fairly good condition. Because of that and a stronger market the cars will be more expensive over there. It seems a lightly modded pre 99 spec car in good condition is going for around 8k euro and bigger modified cars are going for between 10-20k depending on year and spec. Imo if you're buying here you'll have to be patient and hope something worth while comes up. That purple one on the facebook page is a clean car but imo 12k is a little expensive for a lightly modified car. Tbh I would be surprised if my car sold here for 12k as the market is crap atm. Also with summer coming up people will be getting their cars out the sheds and in a few months might start thinking of selling them because they aren't using them.

    Project Section

    I wouldn't mind a project section as it makes it handy to post stuff in to keep people updated. I know a few websites that have them and they are bar far the busiest section. As for the lack of activity especially the rx7 guys there is usually loads of reasons, people can be busy. I am mad busy trying to finish college this year so even a simple wiring job on the car is taking a back seat to college, I havn't logged into fduk in a few weeks. I try to pop on here and have a quick look to see whats happening but to be honest most of the topics I have no interest in replying too. There is only so many rx8s with coils and ignition/ starter issues I can read about before I fall asleep no offense to the rx8 guys I just find rx8s kinda boring in general. I know a few of the rx7 guys on here are on tfduk too and are more active there, I think the reason for that is the numbers of 7s here is seriously low so knowledge surrounding them is very limited so any unusual or complicated problem wont get a reply on here due to this lack of knowledge. The other thing is if they have a problem they will get a reply to a thread on fduk within a day or two where as on here it could be weeks. There is a vicious circle going on if you get me. Lack of activity spurs lack of posts. With the summer coming up I hope to get to a few meets and get more active again.

    South of the South Contingent Question

    To be honest the only one I would be interested in is the dyno power runs. Still havn't figured out how much power my cars putting down. I need to sort a few small things first so a date closer the summer would give me time to fix a few niggles.


    Glad your getting sorted soon man. Must meet up nearer the summer for a chat.