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  1. Colour not important cash waiting cheers
  2. Ah yeah ok.. I'll be back in ireland in a couple of weeks so if it's still available il give you a shout
  3. Sorry for the late reply I haven't been on the forum..apparently not rare at all. . . there's a couple for sale on the rotary sites cheers anyway
  4. I'm after a 99 spec bumper and a louvered bonnet if anyone has them!!
  5. As above looking for some kinda vented/louvered bonnet for the fd before all goes up in flames someday 😂😂😂
  6. Hey folks hoping to see if I qualify for classic insurance this year and im just wondering do you notify the insurance company of all mods to the car.. and do they require a valid nct before giving a quote?
  7. I wont make it man..what money have ya in mind?
  8. Any nice bumpers for sale out there?? My veilside is blocking the fmic and I dont really fancy hackin it to bits lol
  9. 16 bit apexi ecu and hand controller there if anyones chasin one..
  10. Re: Apexi Power FC For Sale Pm there mate
  11. Re: Apexi Power FC For Sale I need 1...how much ya lookin for it??
  12. Re: Apexi ecu Bump....or even has anyone an 8bit for sale??
  13. Re: My FD RX7 Am i the only one that's pumpin euro after euro into my car hopin (praying even) that's its all gunna b worth it!! Sad to see that slowly but surely they are popping up for sale more and more nowadays Good luck with the sale buddy love the matte black!
  14. Some of these days im gonna get my car runnin lol..... Anyone wana swap a 16bit apexi for an 8bit apexi???
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