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  1. Yak

    parts for sale

    Hi there, Would be interested in rear glass if heating wires are all intact.. Pm sent
  2. Yak

    Hi from Galway

    Re: Hi from Galway Welcome along fella! What colour is the 8? I'll keep an eye out for it.. Best of luck with the car!
  3. Yak

    Fd shocks and sprongs wanted

    Re: Fd shocks and sprongs wanted Have a set of stock springs here in galway, no shocks sorry man. Free to anybody..
  4. Re: Rough iddle - raspy sound from intake at idle! Just saw this now. Great to hear you solved the problem. Those fucking hoses and solenoids give so much trouble. Grrrrr :-D
  5. Re: 97 Twin turbo pack and airinx intake for sale Pm sent
  6. Re: Mazda - RX7 - FC3S - Series 4 - 13B 6-port - White Car looks great! Best of luck with the sale :smt023
  7. Yak

    Rotaryart order, what to do...

    Re: Rotaryart order, what to do... Thanks for that! I'll call into the bank so during the week. Hopefully the timescale isn't a problem I just want to get this all wrapped up
  8. Hi folks I'm just looking for some advice as what to do My problem: Placed a big (1k+) order for parts for my Fd. Discs, pads, many bushings, seals etc. Basically everything I need to overhaul my brakes and suspension. Now I ordered this back on the 20th of april with Rotaryart Since then have been trying to contact them on numerous occassions via email and phone. Got through only once around 6 weeks ago and a lady said they were just waiting on a few more little parts? When I ordered everything was listed as "in stock". Not fair at all.. Since then I have heard nothing and have not been able to get in contact, nothing at all. It's really frustrating as I want those parts and just want to move on. Send me what they have, refund the rest and order the remainder of the parts somewhere else. The last thing I want to do is order all thos parts twice!! I don't want to give any business a bad name, and I've oredered parts successfully off them years ago. This is just taking the p**s though Rant over. Any ideas on what i can do. I really feel f*****d over. Regards, Jakob
  9. Re: 97 Twin turbo pack and airinx intake for sale Hiya, Is that cross over pipe the complete '96+ y-pipe joining the two turbo outlets into one? If it is what I think it is I'll take take it. Any chance of some pictures to clarify..
  10. Yak

    99spec rx7 rs for sale

    Re: 99spec rx7 rs for sale Sorry to hear your trouble man. What a sweet car!! As Gav said she could be ok, I wouldn't give up. Something as simple as the radiator cap could have started the trouble.
  11. Yak

    Rotary name tags for summer meet

    Re: Rotary name tags for summer meet Great work fella
  12. Yak

    Newbie from Galway

    Re: Newbie from Galway Welcome along man!
  13. Yak

    Galway convoy to Midway

    Re: Galway convoy to Midway So, stick your name down here and what time you'd like to leave the city at. 1. R26B - 9am. 2. rraf74 3. Yak Talk to you before then Ian.. Looking forward to this!
  14. Re: Black FD on gold wheels - Briarhill Galway Fair play Ian. I've seen that car a few times now around that area. Looks great..
  15. Re: WANTED - FD3S Front Number Plate Holder (UK Style) Ah balls! Sure i'll give Ray a shout anyways and try what a local mazda dealership says too..