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  1. Egan89

    Wanted: FD rear arch liners

    For the rear axle??
  2. Egan89

    FD OEM Skirts

    Id be interested in these
  3. Engine box and loom from an fd ya??
  4. Egan89


    Hows things man. Theres a lad called pete flately selling one on one of the buy and sell sites on facebook. Hes a sound lad. I got my new ported engine of him. His fd is in need of a rebuild but its well specd apart from that. If ya get onto him tell him mark egan sent ya
  5. Egan89

    FD parts for sale

    Primary rail still there??
  6. Which brackets if ya dont mind me asking??
  7. Absolute gents. What a bargain ha
  8. Egan89

    Scuttle panel screws and caps

    A box of black assortment screws in your motorfactors will do the trick. And they might stock a box of plastic gromets to cover them.
  9. Egan89

    Jdm 1997 check light query

    Nice bus man. Saw it on the jdm auction site
  10. Egan89


    I copped that lookin at the diagram. At a stand still til the injectors come
  11. Egan89


    Cheers for all the advice. Im actually planning on running bosch ev14 1650cc injectors from dm motorsport. Theyre high impedance aswell and thanks jp i knew about hard wiring the pump from a previous thread. Was reading up that you just plumb the oil injectors straight to a vacuum??
  12. As above in good condition Unsure of make of downpipe 180 Apexi filters 100