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  1. looking great some work alright fat ass define lol should be in one of those american rap videos lol shame it has a piston engine though keep up with the updates
  2. japanese import, pre 2009 rx8 comes in both versions, 4-port/5 speed (192ps) and 6-port/6 speed (231ps) also comes in auto with manual shifting japanese import can use GM D585 coils and other coils too just like uk ones to me the Japanese import will be better for rust, ie wont be any, so for long term ownership it is cheaper in the long run, ie dont have to waste money repairing rust, as most uk 03/04 have a good bit, 05 arent to bad, 06/07/08 are in better condition there are a few small different features between Jap and uk, ie speedo, uk has button to switch between km and mph, jap doesnt jap has electric folding mirrors, yes has speed limiter but thats easily removed jap, usually comes with rear tinted windows a few other things if you get a jap 4-port factory it has smaller wheels, but its not hard to find a set of 18" alloys here, heaps floating about the 6-port has the leather interior,.4-port has cloth, but again, not hard to get an interior here as plenty being broke me personally, if you getting a pre 2009 rx8 id go for a japanese import, 6-port then get it undersealed properly underneath and you'll have an rx8 for life
  3. where you from ? email me rotor_dude@hotmail.com
  4. howzit, looks like a cool engine conversion define be something different lol you should contact Rotorworks Automotive - Irelands Rotary Engine Specialist, standard, modified, race engines and engine conversions etc guide you in the right engine choice and fitting etc, fitting engine is easy, hardest bit is the exhaust, headers
  5. they look alright from the blurred pictures, maybe a bit rich, but that can be a few things, fuel setup or map, but if just only been in when cold, they will be bit rich looking until driven those plugs are worn, when the center part, round bit turns into a cone shape they look flat on top so hardly any wear at all
  6. im not getting the hump as you say, just explaining and getting a different point across what im saying is, you said no one does porting, but it has been said there is people in ireland that do porting, but you keep posting after them, that no one here does it, and try and force everyone to believe what you say, its childish and silly thats all im talking about, never said anything else whats in your post above, so dont know what your on about with all the other stuff, as ive told you in a pm, rotor_dude is a person, an individual person not a business
  7. you guys are unreal, open your horse blinkers think you believe in the internet to much and are swayed to easily R.A has more experience and knowledge than alot of uk builders, alot of kiwi rotary knowledge, but is an irish company, that only does work for ireland, does not post on uk forums because company based in ireland not uk, hence why not known on uk scene, but doesnt make the company any less than a uk company just because you havent heard about someone on the "internet" doesnt mean to say they havent done or can do something some people maybe do not believe in the internet hype and like things simple, nothing wrong with that think your just being small minded your losing out by not using irish business bradster72, stop your shit stirring/sillyness, just because you have it in for someone or have a bad attitude, doesnt mean your posts are gospel and you know everything, other people do have knowledge and experience you dont know about, you only need to say something once, not multiple times saying the same thing again and again and to try force and brainwash everyone to thinking the way you do
  8. as said - Rotorworks Automotive - Irelands Rotary Engine Specialist me thinks it would be alot wiser to spend the money for shipping engine there and back or car there and back on building a better engine in ireland or buying upgraded parts also if you wish, can get the engine ported too
  9. alot of the cheap rx8's are cheap for a reason, as they need 2-3k spent on them to bring them up to a half decent standard, think people get confused on whats cheap and whats quality and reliable a honest rx8 series 1 is still worth good money, just the usual want a decent car for a crap cars price, the market pricing is way off i thinks, its hard to find a car that doesnt need money spent on it to have it at a good standard in ireland as most dont get fixed or correctly or cheap parts are used price for a decent rx8 has held its value, but to sell is a different story/world think you will find prices for decent rx8 will go back up as way too many getting scrapped for possible engine failure or actual engine failure and older ones getting to rusty there is not many decent ones out there there even getting into the rare catagory engine failure - is mostly down to service schedule/interval too long, it should have started with 6k service schedule instead of the 12.5K the oil grade 5w30 is fine, its not the problem its more down to using cheap engine oil, which is not up to it for a rotary engine also the oil level not being kept correct the mazda recommend castrol magnatec 5w30 does not damage bearings, if the castrol magnatec 5w30 oil and 6k servicing and keeping oil at the correct level, there wouldnt be bearing failure ive seen loads of rx8's with over 80-100k on them using castrol 5w30 and still going strong as they had 6k intervals most engines ive seen with bearing failure have been using cheap oil like halfords,comma, car lube etc
  10. Rotorworks Automotive - Rotary Engine Specialist dont know why you guys goto england, the money you spend on either shipping an engine there and back or the car could be spent on the car as you get the same quality work done here in ireland, even better
  11. what make of bulbs are you using ? have you had the charging voltage checked ? as if over charging it can blow bulbs/fuses etc also check your battery terminals if loose etc
  12. just order a new one from mazda - part number - N3A1-14-622
  13. contact, Rotorworks Automotive - Irelands Rotary Engine Specialist www.rotorworks.co.uk
  14. at least you know about compression now did you get the Diagnostic Trouble Codes checked ? to see if electrical problem, also still maybe mechanical lumpy idle is not normal for a standard fd did you get the exhaust emissions checked, CO and HC readings are great for fault finding problems if there is a fault you need to fix it, or find out what it is before putting a power fc on it, thats like putting on a band aid
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