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  1. Dizz

    Engine mounts

    Ever figure this out? Was thinking of doing a sump brace for my slight oil leak so if it was 5mm in the difference it would work well to change them
  2. Still have this?
  3. Looking for one of these: Anyone gone single & have one they're not using that was working properly before it came out? Going to order new but will take a few weeks to come...
  4. Dizz

    Various FD parts for sale

    By actuators you mean the solenoid rack is gone yeah?
  5. Good stuff, only around the corner from you in Ballycullen so may be calling on your services at some point! Don't suppose you've a red FD & were on Hunters Road last night?
  6. Did you look on RHD Japan? Good bit cheaper than that but getting caught by customs would be the other worry
  7. Dizz

    RX8 engines for sale.

    I'd say my RX7 could have gone the same way if the assholes had got it last week. Can you send me on contact details, I need solenoids which are in an RX8 EGR system. Thanks
  8. Dizz

    nice project for someone?

    Remember this one being up for sale back when I bought my own, was going cheap but sitting for a long time & paint was bad. Original Irish car from what I remember which is rare!
  9. Thanks for that MCON, he's the least helpful person I've ever dealt with, I have done so much chasing of him over the last month to get a price on bits he claims he has there but just doesn't seem to want to give me a price for or sell me. Would nearly feel sick giving him money at this stage....
  10. Need to get these sorted as soon as possible if anyone can help? Need to get the car back mobile after it being broken into. Thanks
  11. Sorry for the bump but really need to get my car back mobile & secure again. Anyone know of one breaking in Ireland or have these parts lying around?
  12. Dizz

    SuperPro Poly diff bushes

    Off topic again but how did he get on fitting them? Nasty job?
  13. Need the following bits to sort out the car after getting broken into & attempted stolen yesterday if anyone has any of the bits: Full lockset & steering lock (think I might have sourced in UK) Drivers side exterior door handle surround Bottom steering column cowling Gearstick gator There's probably a few more things but won't know till I get a proper look at the car...
  14. As the title says, stripped out my black box & split it apart. Unfortunately found two solenoids gone and they're not looking like the easiest to source, anyone any ideas? Getting lots of conflicting part numbers & mostly showing up Alibaba on google searches