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  1. First time poster here! Long story short - Bought a 1997 NA Mazda Mx-5 as a project while I was an apprentice. I've since left the apprenticeship and I'm going back to college. I won't be able to afford keeping two cars on the road so it's looking like the little Mx-5 is going to be sitting for 3 years. It's rust free and running well, not as big of a project as I was hoping for, so that's a blessing and a curse! I'd hate to sell it so I'm honestly looking at rebuilding a B13 and swapping it into the Mx-5. I love rotary engines and my little maita. Since I'll have a lot of time and cash coming in (part time job, no other expenses other than running my car), I'm thinking I may as well try. I thought I'd ask the lads who know what they're at. Is it realistically doable? For a young lad who wants to wreck his head for the next few years?
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