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    Car, Mazda, rx
  1. Allaking

    R3 in ireland

    Might their be a way of re-registering her but on an 08 plate? Like maybe a crashed 08 rx or summit? Obviously I mean hypothetically
  2. Allaking

    R3 in ireland

    Really €2350 just to tax it! Why so much? Bloody hell! Dammit was looking forward to bringing her home
  3. Allaking

    R3 in ireland

    Hey all, so I have a Pearl white RX8 R3, recently had an engine rebuild by rotary revs here in the uk. I’m planning on moving home to Ireland and maybe selling it... how much they getting over there? Not gonna lie, she needs a tiny bit of work, bearings that kinda thing, she’s been say for 12 months. Stunning looking car, will have around 70k on her when I get her home