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  1. TomDurkan

    Rx8 Insurance as 2nd Car

    Thanks man I’ll take a look on the FB. I believe Carole and Nash insure “modern classics” in the UK gonna give them a bell Monday and see. I’m in no panic have her spot the road for 3 months anyway! Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi all, First post that my be useful to others so go easy on me if it’s in the wrong place!! As I said in the into I bought a non starting Rx8 last week and have solved THAT issue, it’s not the last issue tho, as expected. The symptoms: Nothing happening when the key is turned to the final stage that should send the current to the starter. I had ignition lights at stage 1/2 of the key, bizarrely all electrics, side lights power window on the passenger side worked , the driver side were all dead. clearly an electrical issue! The cause, the main 120A fuse located “inside the guts” of the main fuse box in the engine bay was blown. Temp fix with some electrical wire as a fuse. All electrical bits back working and she starts and runs!! Now to find out why it blew in the first place, I suspect it’s the rad fans. I ran the car for 10 mins and it boiled the damn thing. Fans never cut in. Hope that helps someone else with a totally dead car! Cheers Tom
  3. TomDurkan

    Rx8 Insurance as 2nd Car

    Hi all, just joined and have been searching and reading other posts here bout insurance. I can’t see any recently for Rx8 as a second car. i have done some ringing around axa, aviva, quote devil, I’ll try Campions Monday. No hassle getting insurance if it’s my only car, bout €600. But as soon as I mention it’s a second car whole nother ball game. It feels like they think something shady is going on!!! Anybody got an rx8 insured as a weekend car ? If so who with and a rough cost. Best I can get is €1200 if it’s a second car. It’s a 07’ 192 bhp model, I’m 34, 10year clean full Irish license; 10 year NCB. any thoughts?? I really don’t want to transfer it to the wife and go with the whole, ‘my drive any car on my main policy covers me as I don’t own it’ because that does feel a bit of a grey area if there was a crash and it’s TP only Cheers Tom
  4. TomDurkan

    Hi Folks, new to rotary...

    Hi all, Tom here from Moyvalley in Kildare, just bought my first rotary last week and joining looks like a good idea as the previous new guy said, you guys pop up frequently!! Just got an ‘07 Rx8, non running, not starting 75k on the clock and some one swiped the gear knob. Its the 192 version so the plan is figure out what’s up, engine overhaul (myself) and see where I go from there!!! Nice to meet yee, Tom