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  1. Diesel truck turbo and a greddy t78 built into one hybrid monster
  2. Water/meth injection kit, will post pictures of the hybrid turbo during the week
  3. Engine built a few months ago but going to pull it apart and polish the housings, will also get pictures of the monster porting that's been done
  4. Hoping to have my single turbo build ready by the end of February. Here's the first of a few pics
  5. Chief Wiggum

    Wanted. Fd3s uprated injectors

    I was hitting 100% injector duty regularly on my previous set up on twins, eventually blew the rear at 8200 rpm in 4th through the port tunnel, everything being changed now for the single turbo
  6. As above looking for a set in blue if possible towards a well needed service on my own beast over the Christmas. Thanks
  7. Chief Wiggum

    FD under drive pulley for water pump wanted

    Sorry I wrote it in a hurry, yup Jamie that's the one
  8. Need one asap if anyone has or knows of one, cheers
  9. Chief Wiggum

    Wanted - RX7 FB/FD or RX8

    I have a gold one here with a hurley built engine and lots and lots of spares. I'll get pictures up during the week
  10. Chief Wiggum

    7's Day Backup Plan 2014

    I'll be heading down on the Friday night, going to make a long weekend out of it
  11. Chief Wiggum

    FD Boost Question

    Have you got a boost gauge or power fc? Do you know what the car is boosting to? who mapped the car? Stock twins normally start running out of steam after the 6k mark or at least that was the case with mine
  12. Chief Wiggum

    Side exit exhaust

    Shouldn't be any trouble except maybe an issue with noise
  13. Chief Wiggum

    7's Day Backup Plan 2014

    That sounds interesting jp ; )
  14. Chief Wiggum

    Wanted:swirl pot/surge tank

    I'd say murrays motorsport would be the place to get them, don't normally see them coming up for sale second hand much but you might find a drift or track car thats being broken for parts
  15. Chief Wiggum


    I have my rx7 and 8 insured with 123.ie, the 8 is insured as a 1.3