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  1. Thanks Aido ! Just what I didn't want to hear ! lol what should the compression be for the engine ? Cheers
  2. Hi guys, currently sitting in viewpoint car park and the car is turning over but not starting.. it it happened to me the other day and I had to leave the car where it was for and hour and when I came back it started right up. I had had heard that warm starts we’re hard but is there a way to resolve this issue ? Thanks matthew
  3. I had thought i would have needed healight washers, wasn't aware of the headlight leveling though. LED install sounds easier and like less hassle ! Cheers
  4. Ohh, do you know is it handy to retro fit xenons? All the cars I’ve owned I’ve put either LED or aftermarket HID kits in as I love the blue look. I may may possibly fit LED’s as they’re less work that HID’s
  5. Thanks Aido ! You’re right, 5 speed 192 BHP, how can you tell ? Cloth interior ?
  6. Hey ! So here's my RX-8 at the moment, they alloys are currently in getting a refurb and respray in gloss black at the moment so I haven't gotten a chance to give a full deep wash, wax and hoover etc and get some photos. I gave a quick hoover and window clean but nothing extensive. Here's how she sits at the moment !
  7. Hi Everyone, I've just bought my first rotary engine in my RX8, 2005, two previous owners (1 in Northern Irel. and then the person I bought it off). the guy i bought it off got it in 2008 when it was just 3 yrs old and has had it the past 11 yrs. Clock is @ 96,600 Klms and people are telling me that it's time to get the engine redone. thoughts on this ? From the guy I bought it off (early 50's) had told me it was the family car until he needed something bigger. there are two invoices for previous services and the NCT certificates go right back to 2010. The ca
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