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  1. Hi guys anyone got a racing header for sale contact me with pictures and price thanks
  2. Hi anyone on here ever vrt a pz in Ireland if so could you pm me how much it cost and how did yee over come the fact that the pz is 2.6 on the V5 thanks any help would be great.
  3. Hi aido 8 thanks mate will have a look ya I’m going buying a set of Ryan rotary performance coils and just got a 2.2 kw 14 tooth starter today and have a toyo performance exhaust on the way and Jamie is going to map it for me so let the fun begin.
  4. Hi guys looking forward getting to know the rotary seen and members just got a red 2007 rx8 5 speed going doing a few mods to it probably looking for a few bits some of you guys might have must make a list.and if anyone knows any history on the car would be greatful.could not upload pictures but reg is 07LS2225
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