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  1. Hi guys and girls im new here and this is my first post . i have decided that i want to buy an rx7 fd thats for sale and have done a good bit of research on the rx7 etc etc. today i have been ringing around trying to get insurance on a 92 fd twin turbo and only axa will quote me on the car and that was at 1,990 euro .She told me that its because that car is so high because cars are classed from class 1-50 and this car comes in at 47. I Now i get it that its an old car and a jap import so it was going to be a good bit higher than my normal insurance . 1 dont want classic insurance as i will be selling my car and the fd will be my daily driver [around 7000k a year maybe a bit less. i have seen a thread here about campion insurance [the thread was a bit dated thats why i posted here] I rang campion and they would not even give me a price . I am 39 years old with a full no claims 0 penalty pionts and have a full licence donkeys years. what im asking you help for is who you guys are insured with with a similar car and how much you pay [if you dont mind telling me . i really want to buy an fd and there is not many if any for sale on ireland THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP
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