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  1. I will do, can't tell you how good it will be though, I've never tried a full car!
  2. Undersealing! I knew there was something else, I reckon I'll attack it with some wire brushes and seal it after work next Friday. Ordered a mini OBDII bluetooth doohicky to keep deleting my 02 sensor fault, keeps reading low voltage because the rear senor and cat have been fucked out! Just to do me untill I can afford the proper map.
  3. Thanks! Yeah it' a nice clean car, had a new engine in 2012 which is its best point! For now I'm just going to drive it and maintain it but in time I'd like a set of R3 wheels, coil overs and to tidy up the body work. It's a daily so I can' go too mental with it. I have an NA project that's been going for years with very little progress and I really don't want to go down that road. Haha
  4. Thanks, bud. The dark side is thirsty and full of pops and bangs! I gave it a service and a rotary Polish today, next on the list will be a remap but that's down the line, well into the new year anyway.
  5. Hey, I'm Cian. Just bought my first rotary, a 6 speed RX8. Have it 4 days now and I'm a total addict! I'm an apprentice mechanic which makes the ownership seem less terrifying but I'm hoping I don't need to pop my 13b rebuild cherry too soon!
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