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  1. I've uploaded a pic taken this evening - the only bit of rust is the tiny bit at the top left of the photo at the edge of the standard lip spoiler. That'll do nicely I'll call you tomorrow if that's ok and arrange collection Thanks Derek
  2. @jp I'm interested in the boot lid as mine has started to rust around the brake light. Is this one rust free?
  3. Thanks Nico pm sent Derek
  4. Hi Nico The parts I ordered online arrived but one of them was the wrong one. Would you still have the switch cover circled below Derek
  5. Dereks_RX8


    Thanks Rex Ruthor I'll check the mounts and replace if necessary. Really appreciate all the valuable advice here on this forum Derek
  6. Dereks_RX8


    Thanks JP Unfortunately I've already ordered the bits of trim online expected to arrive next week. As regards the cat issue I've ordered new genuine coils, plugs and leads and will avoid driving the car until the cat is gutted, oil and filters changed and new coils, plugs and leads fitted. Thanks again Derek
  7. Dereks_RX8


    Bought this as a project 2005 Black 231, had no service history, NCT January 2018. Vehicle check identified 10 previous owners most of which kept the car for less than a year. The car also appears to have spent several months sitting in a couple of dealers and was even auctioned at one stage. Body work is pretty good except for the wheels which need refurbishing looks like someone attacked the centre caps with a wire brush. Interior is good except for missing electric seat switch covers and centre console lid locking latch. Usual known issues with coolant sensor and fishbowl tail lights. Car starts fine hot or cold and pulls through all the gears Gear stick vibrating in neutral, reckon clutch release bearing is on its way out as making a noise when pressing clutch Burnt the b****x out of the cat while bringing the car home so first job will be to gutt it. Haven' had a chance to go through the car properly and expecting to find more issues as I go. Now the good news! I haven't stopped smiling since collecting the car, can't believe how good these cars drive and looking forward to getting this car back in good shape. I'll post some pics soon
  8. Thanks Nico I managed to souce some online they're due to be delivered sometime next week. If they'e not right I may come back to you if that' ok. Thanks again Derek
  9. Wanted Drivers Seat Switch Covers. Anyone got some spare from an old broken seat?
  10. Dereks_RX8


    Will do thanks
  11. Dereks_RX8


    New to forum, just got an unloved 2005 rx8 231 and looking forward to making it my own