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  1. Scranny123

    For sale Mazda RX 8

    Black 04 Mazda rx8 for sale ,the car is a non runner the car starts but I think the main Bering is gone .the interior is perfect seats /sunvisers / compartments / etc outside is perfect just one small dent on passenger door .Will sell for 500 euros ono .or for parts Be aware wheels and back exhaust box already sold
  2. Scranny123

    Rx8 help

    I work in Athy in the council so I will ring I'm there every day so its handy Cheers thanks for all the help hope I can return the favour
  3. I am looking to buy second hand coilpacks to test on my rx8 to see if that's my problem if is then I all buy new ones Anyone can help let me know.    Cheers john

  4. Scranny123

    Rx8 help

    I am looking to buy second hand good coilpacks / if there is such a thing alest that way I know if that's the problem and then I can buy new ones. Anyone can help let me know. Cheers
  5. Scranny123

    Rx8 help

    Thank you and everyone for all there help it takes time and effort to reply to my posts. I'm sure ye all have other things to do so thanks again. I'm going to try coilpacks and go from there if that doesn't work I'll get it to specialized mechanic near me if there is one. You said the cat is not tested so can I replace it with straight pipe ?
  6. Scranny123

    Rx8 help

    Thanks I have a code reader will do that when I get home from work and I'll post the results. I am going to get coilpacks and install them myself plus the fact the lad who had the car before me didn't know what he had ie the right way to start/stop it or the right oil or even the different plugs .So I'll get at the car at the weekend and give it a good going over was on bikes for 16 years and always could fix my Owen cars so I'll try my best if it's already broke I can't do any harm thanks again this site is deadly cheers
  7. Scranny123

    Rx8 help

    thanks for your help will try that better than me banging around in the dark cheers
  8. Scranny123

    Rx8 help

    It was going but very bad ,sound like it was misfireing and no power I'm in monasterevan .the car is bang on very good condition inside and out so I'm not going to give up
  9. Scranny123

    Rx8 help

    .My name is john I bought an rx8 2004 got it cheap know notting about the car have it 4 days only learnt how to start it and turn it yesterday . Have learnt to deflood it 10 sec on 60 sec off done that 6 times the car starts but won't ticover whitout my foot on the pedal .and when driving it loses power when I put it in to 4th .There's new leads and plugs a mechanic friend of mine said it might be compression but does not know a lot about these cars like myself .But as I said at the start the car was cheep so is it a case its to good to be true PS anyone herd if Amtec engine restore Yours hopefully john