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  1. Welcome John, Was good to meet you at Mazdafest, from what i seen yours looks in lovely condition and cant wait for another one to come to Belfast! jeezzzz the 3rd is so close i'm sure your well ready for it lol. Also the photos you took at Mazdafest where great btw!
  2. Aint took many shots yet but this is Claudia home .. [/img] [/img] [/img]
  3. Hey Jp thanks for the warm welcome and adding to the few questions I've had.. it's all pretty new to me and I don't have the time I used to when younger to read and learn it all so quick lol.. Nice to know about the ecu and puts me more at ease.. but yea I'll not be adding anything else on until I've an ecu and plenty of cooling mods.. I will update on the dp scenario when it comes around and I'll get a look on that section of forum and just stare at parts Thanks
  4. Thanks very much.. they look great in every colour but i needed a blue one lol. Yea I read the fuel makes a difference but even up north we only get 97.. but I can hopefully drive as is for a bit while I gather up said parts and leave it in for one big fit out.. by looks of it parts can be dear enough so don't want to scrimp on anything ..
  5. Thanks Aido.. hopefully get to see some of yous guys at a meet sometime..
  6. Good job.. Thanks very much for all the first hand info.. i'll keep this updated when I do start tickering with it but could be awhile.. any more questions i'll have a hunt first before bothering people lol, cheers
  7. I thought it was to do just with the US cars but wanted to check.. started off reading US forums briefly and quickly learnt I had to be careful as some stuff just didn't sound right. I don't think there will be a downpipe fitted as most stuff has been done in the last few months, do you think its worth getting the dp ceramic coated if I buy one? and literally bolt off and bolt on? I'm going to try content myself and just drive it mean time.. its my first proper jap rwd car also so will take some adjusting. I've read abit about those two names from reading over the site.. seem to be the people to goto but think my plan will be more rad and intercooler then ecu/computer to keep track of all the important things so everything that then gets added can be monitored. Where would you's mainly source parts from? I'm just on drooling over some of the parts on rhdjapan site lol
  8. Thanks.. its been a long time since I had a blue car and its a great blue so had to hold out for one, yea I'm making my way through it slowly and hearing the same things from a few people along the same idea's.. but like a lot of things, just look after it and maintain it and they should treat us well. The two stroke in the fuel is a new one though, here is a couple more bad photos also, hopefully get some nice ones soon. Its fairly standard to be honest and seems to work very well, so want to go the right way about modding it and just take my time, so far it has a buddyclub axle back and blitz air filters, some mister r coilovers with nice mazdaspeed wheels made by rays, a pair of apexi gauges and a few things like vac lines and clutch just done.. the sound is just so nice out of it, very addictive to drive lol. maybe a silly question but here we go.. do all the fd's have pre-cat pipes? cause I hear they cause bother, and I assume if I put a downpipe and b section in its still fine to drive on the standard map and ecu? Thanks.
  9. Hey guys and girls if any... not sure if they're smarter than us men for getting involved with these cars lol.. I've been a Honda man for many of years and into cars in general for aslong as I can remember but there has always been something special with the whole rx7 saga for me.. as I'm getting older and closer to the old 30 I thought it was about time to take the leap.. I've lots to learn and ready for it.. After many months searching and weighing up pros and cons I've ended up with a 1999 IBP rb-s.. so far ive done around 600 miles with only getting it home recently and loved them all.. all help and tips for a newbie are welcome.. I'm up in N.Ireland so I'm not too far away and will get down for a few meets and shows.. don't have many photos yet but here it is.. Thanks
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