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    Cars & guitars...keep it simple lol
  1. eoinmack

    Hello with query lol

    That's the VRT he got. i rang the local office today and the lad I was talking to reckoned about 3k. Big difference. He told me to ring the registration office tomorrow before 1pm and they would be able to give a more accurate answer I'l keep ye posted
  2. eoinmack

    Hello with query lol

    €8,241 I'm being told after a chat a friend had with revenue. I do know a lad that got a €600 cheaper quote on an STI just by ringin another office, so thats my next play at the minute..crazy..
  3. eoinmack

    Hello with query lol

    It sure would man. It's an awful system they have for it.. I think you've made a good point there about waiting to see the cost of VRT on the mentioned one. There isn't many about i would imagine. Seen a black one a few times close to home, 92 I think. Whiplash every time it passes lol
  4. eoinmack

    Hello with query lol

    I wouldn' imagine an appeal would be worthwhile tho, 36%, it is what it is like.. Am I mad or was VRT on these a few years back circa €1000? If that's gonna be the case I'll have to let it slip, VRT went crazy lately, but €6k plus is mental
  5. eoinmack

    Hello with query lol

    How we all doing lads? Been browsing here a while, looking quietly through for sale ads and what not lol and never really introduced myself as not as of yet a rotary driver. Currently have the option to get a 2001 FD fresh import, but have absolutely no idea what to expect on the VRT side of things. Currently have a 2001 twin turbo Subaru Legacy Blitzen, and was originally looking for the RX8 to daily drive, (wouldn't daily an FD, I have a small run around too) but with the opportunity to own an FD I'm already stretching the budget cause of the massive difference between the 7 and the 8 in price lol A massive VRT would knock this out of the question for me, I did budget for a 2K max VRT but I'm hearing from different sources that it could now be upwards of 5K? Where else to post this predicament lol anyone here have any experience this year with the VRT cost on an RX7?