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    I am intrested in learning and trying new things i am also interested in motoring , fishing, DIY,

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  1. Tommy

    buying your first rotary

    I was hoping just for show car many even drift Dont know just yet ,im not looking for power ,more a case that I respect the engine design in all of its prows and cons, and want to enjoy driving one. I did not know that they were all 1.3 ltr thanks for that tip, is a rebuild expensive
  2. Tommy

    Newbie saying hi

    Buying my first rotary soon was always a fan of these engines so I've decided to get one of my own
  3. Tommy

    buying your first rotary

    All info is good and greatly appreciated as im buying am RX8 as a project i already think its gona need a rebuild , problem with hot starting running perfect when cold the car is a 2004 1.7ltr. What should i do