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  1. Been a while - but figured we should follow up with this. The first production tanks are being installed! Install is about as close to OEM as it gets. SakeBomb ALSO developed an awesome Bracket for installing the pump on the underside of the vehicle, which in turn uses the same routing as the stock fuel lines: We have ALSO shipped the initial run of tanks! That was an adventure. We loaded an obscene amount of tanks in an extremely short amount of time. So many, that we had to request a one ton USPS trunk to handle it all - and the FILLED it! So that means, if you ordered a tank it’s en route. There are some exceptions on tank/bracket combos as we’re awaiting some hardware - but those will go out early next week. I believe we had about a handful going to UK. BUT if there are any of you that didn't get on the initial bandwagon - SakeBomb Garage is extending FREE International shipping using the coupon code: 'tankintfreeshipping'. HUGE thanks to Alex, Brian, Christian, Heath and Travis over at SakeBomb Garage for their hardwork, hospitality and patience getting this project from concept to reality.
  2. Ahhh, thanks so much! I'll see what we can do on the declared value. However, we also dialed in the International shipping. http://www.sakebombgarage.com/trunk-mount-water-injection-tank/ Flat rate to Ireland is $70USD. The only catch is, you need to check the box BEFORE you add the item to the cart: Then on the checkout page, it will charge you another $35 in addition to the International "checkbox" fee. The total of which is $70. PLEASE NOTE: The Flat Rate is for the tank and the tank ONLY. If you add a Meth Kit or a Handle or ANY other product, shipping will have to be recalculated. If you want more than one item, it might make sense to place two different orders so not to throw off the shipping calculator.
  3. Ok guys! It's happening. We're here. We made it! First and foremost, I want to give everyone a huge THANK YOU for showing interest and sticking through it with me for this ride. If we didn't have the interest we did and the input you gave, we probably would have released a sub-par product and been kicking ourselves with all the coulda', woulda' shoulda's after you guys started installing them. However, I think this really is the best version that this product could be. Bringing a product to life is an adventure. I hope you enjoyed seeing how a product goes from concept to reality and all the available technology that's out there to push it along. From here on out SakeBomb Garage is going to take the lead on this project, but I will still be around to see it through. That reminds me, I need to give Heath and SakeBomb a huge THANK YOU as well for helping bring this product to see the light of day. Without their support, I'm not sure it would not have happened... well, at least it wouldn't have been as cool. So anyhow, we're gonna keep this thread open, BUT, the OFFICIAL GROUP BUY is over on the RX7Club SakeBomb Garage subforum: SakeBomb Garage GB: Water Injection / AI Rear "Euro" Tank Pre-Order - Group Buy Please add your name to the NEW thread with "PAID IN FULL" or "PAID DEPOSIT" so we can keep track of everyone (although the SBG website will also organize everything). If you prepay in full you save an additional $50. Or you can leave a $125 deposit to secure your spot and pay the balance before shipping. Here are the details: Payment in Full $325: Trunk-Mount Water Injection Tank Deposit Page Only $125 + $250 final payment ($375 total): DEPOSIT PAGE ONLY - Trunk-Mount Water Injection Tank We are estimating an October delivery. Pre-Order pricing expires in ONE MONTH (August 15th) so get your orders in now. This is also a LIMITED RUN product. The interest on this thread is around 175 tanks - if everyone buys one - that means there will only be a handful left for future orders (and at full price to boot). If you EVER want to own one, now is the time. Ok guys. Thanks again.
  4. We'll be 3D printing a prototype for fitment - but the final piece will be blow molded. No way to add baffles for blow molded parts sadly as I would have liked them too. However, the "sumped" design and the low placement of the primary nozzle should help with slosh a lot. If you notice, the nozzle sits in the lowest possible position while the sensor sits level with the the "other" side of the tank. It would take a pretty empty tank and a lot of Gs to move the fluid out of that sump. Not to mention, your low fluid light would be on by this time. That said, the other idea we had for people that would be in those extreme situations was to use the secondary nozzles with extension hoses (internally) to effectively place "pick ups" in other areas of the tank. Meaning, if the tank is running low and you're in an extreme G situation, the pick ups would grab what's available.
  5. I completely understand. The problem with making items so specific for such a small market (how many FDs are still on the road?) is that it's cost prohibitive. If we were making VW Golf tanks we could buy 1000s - but not so with RX-7s - so cost per piece goes up. However, I'm confident the tank will tic all the boxes; be stealthy, install in the OEM location, provide double+ capacity most tanks do and still be cheaper than buying a used tank... Although, admittedly, cost more than a universal tank. Cheers.
  6. Hi everyone! I'm dropping in from the States as we're finalizing a cool project some of you running or thinking about running auxiliary / methanol injection might be interested in. Please excuse some of the "US-centric" rhetoric from the below copy/paste from my original post on RX7Club.com. If you are interested in one of these, please reply here or on the original post. As some of you may know, Euro spec and some Canadian spec FDs came from the factory with a larger washer tank, mounted in the rear hatch, behind the plastic panel. The reason for the larger tank was to feed three thirsty systems; the front washers, the rear washer AND the headlight washers (which US cars didn't get). Capacity on this tank is a little over 1.5 Gallons (5.5 Liters) which makes it a GREAT option for a stealthy methanol / auxiliary injection tank. Euro Tank Mounted US spec models with rear wipers have a small reservoir in that spot - but the capacity doesn't instill a lot of other uses. "cute" The good news is: all FDs have the necessary mounting points and provisions to support the larger tank. The problem is: finding Euro spec washer tanks. They simply aren't readily available, they are NLA from Mazda and they come with their own share of downsides if we're being perfectly honest. "Wait a minute... downsides?" Yeah. There are a few downsides to the Euro washer tank in it's current form. 1) Since the tank is made to house three pumps, that does two things. It eats up internal capacity and has potential areas that can leak: 2) Since the tank is a two-piece design, it has a weird rubber connector between the two tanks. Again, eats up internal capacity and has another potential leak area: 3) There are sensors and hose routing that take capacity and just aren't needed: 4) They don't really have a natural place to add fluid level sensors or nozzles. Most tanks I've seen have even MORE holes drilled to accommodate these guys. 5) It's not cheap. I've seen these sell for over $400USD in old, beat up condition. So that's the bad news. But the GOOD news is, we've 3D scanned a Euro tank, made modifications in CAD and found a manufacturer to make these. We've addressed the potential issues and made this the best version of rear Euro washer tank that we could. FRONT REAR TOP BOSS DETAIL REAR LEFT REAR RIGHT FEATURES OF NEW TANK * Redundant systems, leak points and sensors have been deleted * Design is now one piece to increase capacity and ease install * Capacity should be right around 2 Gallons (7.5Liters) * It will bolt in requiring zero modification * It should be "agnostic" to whatever injection kit you run * We provide a large boss for a level sensor as well as a smaller boss for a nozzle on the side of the tank, with an additional three nozzle bosses to accommodate multi-nozzle setups. Each boss would have to be drilled/tapped for your own sensor/nozzle. Now the only remaining question is: does anyone want this? Tooling costs are not cheap and minimum orders are not low. So this can only really happen if there's real interest. Prices can't be discussed in an interest thread - but it would be around 1/2 the price of used units - but that also depends on how many people commit. If you're interested, add your name below. If you have questions, by all means ask away. If you can share this on social media / other forums to drum up some interest - that'd be great too. The more interest, the more likely this happens and the lower the price will be. LINK TO THE ORIGINAL POST / INTEREST LIST: https://www.rx7club.com/group-buy-product-dev-fd-rx-7-269/fd3s-rear-euro-washer-fluid-tank-1116357/#post12198009