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  1. Sorry I dont have email updates when people post on the forums. to update since last time I invested in a nice big workshed to keep the car dry and secure. I'v ebeen stripping the car down and buying parts as I find them like new rubbers, light lenses, badges, interior parts etc. Car was complete when i bought it which helped but I want the car to be a quality restomod build. I've also sourced a Series 5 turbo 5 speed gearbox and Series 8 13BT engine in Ireland to drop in as a single turbo setup so that has really set the tone for the build and what I want to get out of the car. Need to finish stripping the car down, blast the shell, rust repair and new paint... wil post some pics up shortly. @ZV11300 if your on instagram. regards, Tristan
  2. Pics from when I bought it...will post more as it progresses.
  3. thanks Spirit R and JP! Definately keen to meet up on Sundays for coffee & cars. I am Dublin based. Car is resto/mod project so will be off the road for a while till its ready to go. Although its running and drives, needs rust repair work as priority (33 years old) and suspension/brakes need attention for any hope of passing an NCT.. However the general plan is strip it down now for full body and interior restoration & FC 13bt turbo engine swap. Pics as requested. file:///C:/Users/trist/OneDrive%20-%20marcton.com/Tristan/Mazda%20Rx7/Photos/Importing/IMG_4849.JPG file:///C:/Users/trist/OneDrive%20-%20marcton.com/Tristan/Mazda%20Rx7/Photos/Importing/IMG_4850.JPG file:///C:/Users/trist/OneDrive%20-%20marcton.com/Tristan/Mazda%20Rx7/Photos/Importing/IMG_4891.JPG file:///C:/Users/trist/OneDrive%20-%20marcton.com/IMG_5331.JPG file:///C:/Users/trist/OneDrive%20-%20marcton.com/IMG_5330.JPG
  4. Hi, Tristan here, originally from Sydney Australia, was into rotaries when i was younger and now I'm a married Dad living in Ireland! Growing up in Sydney I was fortunate enough to own a Series 3 RX7 and also an original RX3 Coupe. I recently imported a stock standard 1985 FB Series 3 rx7 from Wales as a new toy. Don't know how but I got back into rotaries recently but I just had to own one again. It's a resto/mod project so looking currently for any parts for sale in Ireland?? Met Anthony at Shadow Rotary already and he told me about the rotary scene in Ireland. Looking to get the car driving asap and join any Mazda rotary club in Ireland and meet fellow enthusiasts. Follow it on instagram and also general mazda rotary stuff @mazda_rotaries Regards, Tristan
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