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  1. Il be there in my non rotar transit +1 passo.. Il bring the rotary banner with me to
  2. Hey tullio how's the project going for you ? Did you sort out suspension yet ?
  3. Lookin good kruizer can't wait to c her finished, Wat colour you going for
  4. I'm not gonna promise any deadline as iv not gotta lot of time on my hands with work and Christmas but I am hopeful to get Crackin in January -ish:-) Jay the re speed came up at an absolute bargain that I couldn't refuse, and all the googlin iv done over the past year the re.speed seems to be the hot favourite for the fb,
  5. Ended up getting the re speed complete coilover setup with adjustable cambers and strut bars, absolutely chuffed with the with the setup can't wait to start throwing all the goodies on the fb now
  6. cliffo


    As said terenure waso a good success in the past with good numbers and great crack on the day, it just seems a shame to knock it off the calendar, we should be making asplash many days out as possible
  7. cliffo


    I take it not so
  8. cliffo


    Is anyone doing terenure this year? I no last year it didn't happen with the summer meet landing on the same day. Just seems a pitty as it was a great day out in the past with good numbers turning out. It would be good to see more rotary days out on the calendar in the years to come,
  9. Yeah fronts and rears. Ime going with gaz gold coilover and maybe next month I'll get the adjustable cambers off them witch will just bolt straight in. Sorta can't afford the lot at the min
  10. No welding required straight swap so happy days. I just gotta send over the bare front and they build around that there stuff seems pretty good. Whitch are the t3?
  11. Yeah can't wait to see the difference sure anything is better than rotten rubber. I'm going with a UK company gaz shocks they seem to make top notch stuff. I was going with re speed in the USA but they've had new management take over and have gone down hill unfortunately it's a pitty because I heard there stuff was pretty good
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