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  1. JDMNoob

    Lets see what this JDM craic is about

    Hey Aido, Smashing to hear, I'm meeting up with Dara tomorrow to go take a look at it hopefully. Yeah that's the very one there in TF cars. I was chatting to the dealer on the phone and he didn't seem to know much about them to be honest. Not sure if that was a ruse or he was being genuine. Fingers crossed it works out now!
  2. JDMNoob

    Lets see what this JDM craic is about

    I get the feeling that it certainly will Rex! I'm based in Waterford and the car is for sale in Piltown in Kilkenny. 07 reg with 70,000K. Dealer said it's driving well, starts hot and cold but I'd still prefer to get a compression test done on it before buying. I think it just passed the NCT too.
  3. Hi all, I'm completely new to the whole JDM scene, let alone rotary engines - so please be gentle with me I've spent the last few months toying with the idea of buying an RX-8 with the intention of bringing it to track days and learning the inner workings of these beasts. I'm hoping to buy an RX-8 this coming Friday (the 26th of May) and was wondering if there is anyone in the south east that would be able to do a compression test for me, as I don't have the tools or knowledge to do so myself. If so then how much would you charge to do this black magic?