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  1. Hey im looking for someone to do a assessment on my project rx7. Im not to sure how much more is needed to get it on the road. I would pay a small fee if you come over and have a look at my rx7. I just need to get some advice form some one with experience restoring one. im near Naas in kildare if anyone is interested.
  2. DOG3POD

    new album

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    yea its stock twins, i want to go big single but need to figure out how hard to do that is and the cost plus i still need to break the rebuilt engine in. ah yea another bit to go but hopefully i can source some parts and advice here to speed it up.
  4. DOG3POD

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    i have made a blog and added some pics and a video there if you would like to check it out
  5. https://www.flickr.com/photos/150525826@N08/shares/z515P8 watch to the end as you get a look at the front of the car
  6. here is an album of a few quick pics https://www.flickr.com/photos/150525826@N08/33709300213/in/album-72157680354644964/
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    ok cool ill try it out that way cheers
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    Im new here on the site and still getting my bearing here. i have been restoring a 93 RX7 the past few years and hoping to be done this year. any advice how to add pictures on here the file size is tiny for the limit.