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  1. See graphic on this thread. Is it the green one you need? There was sellers on eBay from UK I thought, and anyone semi professional should have access to make up the right one. If its really urgent places like hose doctor in Dublin can build on the spot, bit ideally they need the old one brought in. This is because there is lots of similar thread sizes that look the same.
  2. Have a look at this recent video specific to rx8 spare spark plugs. I am confused as he says those with squished welded electrode are fake, while you say the worn one with squished electrode is genuine. I don't trust any Amazon or eBay to not supply fakes, I have some from a UK distributer, that seem genuine according to video below, but also look like your new fakes. We need a clear list of genuine suppliers, as photos don't seem to work well.
  3. This seems to be same part and around 100 euro: They say the photo shown in ad is not exactly what you get, so I am not sure which plastic parts come with it. The pump itself seems to have the same part number as in the other supplier. https://m.ebay.ie/itm/WALBRO-UPRATED-255LPH-FUEL-PUMP-KIT-MAZDA-RX8-RX-8-2003-10-ITP076-/131322854153
  4. I upgraded the coils on my rx8 on Saturday and put in new spark plugs. I went for Bennet performance coils kit mainly due to the lower price, cost was about 280 euro from USA including shipping and additional 90 euro duty excluding spark plugs. They shipped it US postal service so it took weeks and was delivered by an post who held it until duty was paid. It took about 3 hours going slowly . There is quite a few bits to move out of the way. Overall there was instructions, but fairly brief, the ht leads were not labeled, so it took a bit of double and treble checking to make sure the right wire went to the right coil, and right spark plug. The HT leads were way too long and I had to try cable tie them away from hot bits. Getting the air box out of the way and pushing and sliding things about is fiddely. If going at it a second time you could have it done in 30 minutes. The coils themselves have no markings except for the Bennet BB logo so not exactly sure what they supply. They call it an LS2 D585 conversion kit. I mainly did it for long term reliability as my old coils were more than a year and 60,000km+ old. I should get the dwell timing changed by Jamie, but I might just leave them as unmodified shorter dwell might make them last forever and I want reliability over performance. After the swap I did not notice any performance difference, although changing the dwell timing could. https://www.bennettbuiltperformance.com/collections/mazda-rx8/products/rx8-ls2-ignition-swap-kit
  5. Yes, there is a meet every month. Photos from today here: http://www.backroads.ie/forums/showthread.php?20982-Cars-Coffee-Pics-Past-and-Present-Thread/page3
  6. Just found this Irish-ish video showing details of all steps:
  7. Links don't seem to be working again, however if you search online you can see various recalls, airbags, oil cooler hoses, fuel pumps, software updates to reduce flooding etc. You can ask the Irish dealer if all known recalls have been completed. ------------------------------- There was a recall in 2008 in relation to the hose between the rx8 engine and the oil cooler on the front left. EVEN IF THE RECALL WAS DONE you should still check your hoses , as they can easily fail at 10 years old. So the recall was that the hoses were failing after a few years, leading to a loss of engine oil. The 'fix' was to inspect the hose, and generally not to replace it, but to change the underbody plastic covers, to try reduce the amount of road salt / rain that can splash up and cause rusting. The part that seem to rust is white in my photo, and is not the flexible part of the hose, but rather the solid part about a foot from the oil cooler on the front left. I would recommend immediate inspection, and most probably you should replace it during the next oil change. You can source second hand hoses from scrap yards and eBay, you can source Mazda equivalents new parts on eBay, you can source non Mazda all flexible , without solid metal parts, and you can source expensive braided upgrade models. I would recommend this as one if the 'essential' reliability jobs every rx8 should have done. My 2008 rx8 failed at 10 years old (2018) so I expect that all older RX8s are going to have the same problem. The symptom is a low oil light, and massive oil leak on the front left. You should not drive the car, so this prevents a break down . These hoses are generally not replaced as part of a rebuild, so even rebuilt cars are not safe. The part of the hose that fails is hidden behind some covers. The easiest way to inspect them is to jack the car, remove the front left wheel, and remove all the plastic wheel arch liner, similar to how you would change a headlight bulb. Once off, check for bad rusting about 1 foot from the oil cooler, at the non flexible part of the pipe. Only touch the connections if you have a replacement hose to hand, or you have a spare vehicle. If it looks bad, replace it. Remember even genuine replacements may only have a life of less than 10 years. Note the official parts have quick disconnect couplers, while most aftermarket hoses leave out the quick disconnects and instead have one long hose from start to end. It is the front left lower hose that corrodes first, marked purple on the diagram and red after quick disconnect and on to the front of the engine. .
  8. Specialists normally swap coils, spark plugs and leads and check for a blocked catalytic converter and so can diagnose the problem quickly. Often people say they need a rebuild, when all they need is a good battery, starter, plugs, coils, leads which will start cars with low compression.
  9. Pulled over in hard shoulder, van and breakdown truck behind . no sign of damage but I was going wrong way. Later saw fire brigade, ambulance and cop car heading northbound and radio said slow lane blocked . was it a traffic accident or breakdown ?
  10. While I can't give advice on the possible cause, I suggest you try get someone who knows these cars. Is the rebuild still under warranty? If so that would be your first option. Is the car moving could you get it easily to a local or specialist garage? There is a list of specialists here including cork based: Note there are so many rx8's for sale it may not be worth getting fixed
  11. List of garages including phone number here: If you cannot get them on the phone drop into them in their new place between the red cow and naas. Note it may take a month or two to get back on the road. You should consider a temporary car if you do not have a spare. Also there are some cheap rebuilt cars for sale so if it is not under warranty you would want to consider your options. Good luck.
  12. I recommend you request to join the closed Facebook group, you might get better responses . A common nct fail is rust, especially on earlier models and there are some threads on here and recommendations of fixes. I think at the bottom of doors/ chassis people have had to weld in steel to strengthen up chassis. So before you go repairing rust check it is not structural. I have no issues myself, but I have later 08 model
  13. The going rate for an rx8 with a knackered engine and everything else ok is only around 1000 euro. Post up photos, details etc and someone might be interested, but remember they will be spending an additional 2000 to 3500 to get it back on the road with a 3 or 4 month delay. There is a fully working rebuilt rx8 on done deal for 3500 all in asking price, so I think 1000 is a fair asking price. There is more supply than demand.
  14. The facebook group is most active if you have questions: facebook.com/groups/irishrotary/
  15. There is a lot more activity on the facebook group. Ask to join and you may get more responses: https://www.facebook.com/groups/irishrotary/
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