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  1. davisj236

    fd noob

    Im in Dublin. Will have to make sure to make it out to a meet at some stage
  2. davisj236

    fd noob

    Belated reply Loving it! Finally starting to do some mods to the thing, ECU, intercooler, hopefully a big ass turbo soon enough...
  3. I presume the check valves are in the right direction since I haven't removed them and it worked fine before, I will make sure they only let air through in one direction just in-case one of them has failed. All the hoses seem to be fine, but I might just swap them out since most are hard and plasticy...
  4. Hi All, Having an issue with boost on my 99 FD, When accelerating the boost goes up to about 0.8 Bar at around 2900 RPM to 4300 RPM and when the second turbo is supposed to kick in the boost drops to about 0.1 Bar and eventually builds up to about 0.4 Bar until redline. One thing to note: I had accidentally broken off the hoses from the wastegate/precontrol solenoids so I was driving a few days with them doing virtually nothing until they were replaced. During this time I noticed no change to the boost pattern. Side note: The boost was already off before I broke the solenoid. Has anybody seen this happen? Any ideas on what could be broken would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. 1.3l per rotor is still an odd number, no? it would make more sense if it was 2.0l per rotor and they call it a 4.0L
  6. My Rx7 was down as a 2.6 in the UK then I got the Irish log book saying it's 1.7, not sure how that happened. I thought Rx7 were taxed as 2.6?
  7. davisj236

    fd noob

    it probably is, I just got it vrt'd just didnt get a chance to put the Irish plates on yet
  8. davisj236

    fd noob

    Sounds interesting, I will know if I can make it closer to the date. But definitely interested....
  9. davisj236

    fd noob

    1999 JDM type RB, all stock other than the alloys and muffler. Hopefully will add some mods in the near future
  10. davisj236

    fd noob

    Hi All Just another Fd noob over here
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