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  1. Thanking you, I see some of the old users have made a career of things.
  2. Some of the older users might remember me, i've a 1991 GTR FC and a 1993 FD. I'm looking for someone to do a bit of work on my FD. I hear Eddie is retired. I started my FD project years ago but made a few mistakes and left it sitting up since. Anyone out there that knows their stuff in the northern half of the country that would be willing to have a look at it ??
  3. I rang eddie there and he said seeing as all the belts are on the pully then the bearing or washer couldn't of moved and that everything should still be fine. He said even if either did slip down then just remove the front cover and not to remove the sump unless it's absolutely necessary. another thing he told me was that I shouldn't of used a sump gasket during the rebuild. He said even mazda dont use a sump gasket. I guess I should have noticed that when I originally removed the sump myself. Chances are the only thing wrong with my build is my own paranoia and of course stupidity. I'm feeling positive about getting back into the scene.
  4. Thanks for the replies boys really appreciated Balls, taking off the sump will be a mission I dont have a shed anymore or a good jack. How will i check the play with the engine in place ? Yea it's the baby blue one. I painted the bitch 3 times before I got it right and i haven't even sanded the clear coat. I took this pic last week to try and restore the love.
  5. Hi all it's been a few years since I've been on here so here's my story. I have a really nice FC GTR 1991. I bought a 1993 Fd with no compression in the rear housing. I did all the research and did the rebuild myself it took my a year or more but when it was finished I was really happy. It started up and was ticking over nicely. One massive issue was the ignighter to coil pack connector was broken and i rewired it myself. This made me very nervous and before running it in I wanted to take it to an electronic expert or rotary expert to wire it safely. In the mean time I lost interest in the project and put my FC on the road and moved away to college. A few years passed and ever so often i would start the car to keep it lubricated. However one day I turned the car over by hand before starting it. What did I do only leave the fecking racket on the main Eshaft bolt. just as it stared I realized and shut it off. The bolt had been loosened but not completely. That doesn't matter the harm was done. The thrust bearing will have slipped down. Heart broken and pissed off I left the car lying up. My best car buddy and cousin, who helped me fit the gear box, was killed off a bike in Oz and even my FC has sat up since then. His loss killed my love for the whole car scene and I could never imagine getting my revs up knowing he's gone. It'll soon be 2 years and I want to sort out and get my cars running again. Now that I'm finished with my "dear Deirdre" bullshit here's my Q's Where do i go from here ?? Will the rubber internals be so perished that i will need to do the build again ?? how do i check ? if not will i be able to strip the timing cover and set the bearing without removing the engine ?? what is the procedure ?? Any input would be very much appreciated. I will never sell either of my cars ever. Thanks for reading.
  6. dru1

    My project FD

    Re: My project FD I'm from lavey kcrx7, no doubt ya've seen some rubber laid down by my fc ha Yea Dave the rebuild was tricky, but i did loads of research, had every tool required and the dvd beside on the lap top as i was doing it. I haven't had it out for a spin but it's tickin over nicely I still have to do all the wet sanding and some other small bits oh and buy a stand alone.
  7. dru1

    My project FD

    Re: My project FD I'm not a fan of the bumper myself, the kit came with the car but was never fitted. Originally i wanted to fill that rear defuser but as i want the spoilerless look I thought it would do no harm and keep the some down force on the tail end. I'll get wet sanding and compounding at the weekend and get some good pics up.
  8. dru1

    My project FD

    Re: My project FD Been away for a while boy's but I'm back,cash flow and my studies kept me away. I had to paint this yoke 3 feckin times to get it right. I dont have the money to run it but I should have it ready for the road soon.
  9. dru1

    My project FD

    Re: My project FD Yea the engine is in and tickin over nicely I gave it another top coat at the weekend and it looks much better, I just have to fit the body kit, door cards and a few other small bits
  10. dru1

    My project FD

    Re: My project FD tail end
  11. dru1

    FC meet

    Re: FC meet I think thats the case with most of them chief and people say that they are more reliable than the FD
  12. Just putting it out there lads, I know we're few and far between but I'd love to see some other fc's My own is the only one that I've ever seen in person (apart from a few breakers). I was thinking Athlone just because it's central. I wanna see that blue one from on here, with the twin oilcooler set up I think it's someone from up the north that has it.
  13. dru1

    my fd3s

    feckin love this, fair play man.
  14. dru1


    yep it's the old one I think it's 1990 The prob with it is that it's too feckin loud ya cant hear yourself think when it's started and the suspention is too solid but I'm worried bout the arches if i soften the set up Does anyone have an idea what its worth ??
  15. dru1


    Fair play jp I'll check out the irish one Do ya have one yourself ?? my bro has one but it's just been sitting up for ages so i'm looking for a few small bits for it