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  1. Hi all in installing an oil catch can to my RX8, had a look at a few uTube vids. Driven by madness is one . Now it seems all straight forward enough. But when you remove the hose from under the oil filler cap and the bottom one side the sir box intake what do you do with the disconnected hoses?? You put the new hose from under oil cap to left nozzle on the catch can ,and the other airbox intake goes from there to the right nozzle one in ,ones out . So what about the disconnected hoses???? Any one???
  2. Fly killer

    Oil catch can install

    On mine the pipe from under the oil cap goes to the exhaust manifold and the other three pipes from the sir intake go down under to where ever?? I believe one is to go from under oil cap to the air intake but it doesn't seem to
  3. hi I have two complete 04 RX8 cars and they have to go. Both silver and in good shape. One I got as a doner for Spairs parts, non runner. The other one was my daily driver. But the other day it started running pritty rough I suspect apex seals on one cylinder is gone this one is very clean with black leather seats. The other one has the grey cloth seats that's a clean car too. Tyres and wheeles are pritty good on both. So make me an offer for both and no I'm not looking for silly money , Try me
  4. Fly killer

    04RX8 for parts or complete sale

    @JDMfrank text me on what's app I'll send you photos,mialage ect 0857729370 my name is Jimmy
  5. Hi I have a complete 04 RX8 Silver for parts or for sale. So if you need anything just let me know.
  6. Fly killer

    Wanted : RX8 Project

    I have a 04 Silver RX8 I bought for parts will sell for €600 all there and fairly clean
  7. Can't upload pictures don't know why??? But I just love my car. I was and still am a motorcycle lover,,,,,,, ride every day. But this car is as close to driving a bike as I've ever come to Just love it
  8. Ha ha I do understand that I had a GTR too a couple of bikes ago. Lovely bike I'm now on a ZZR1100 rocket ship. But this car puts the same smile on my face. Thanks I'll use flicker for the photos cheers
  9. Very nice . I'm surprised how this car has taken my fancy being a biker most of my life. But I'm delighted it has . I must say your engine bay and covers do look great
  10. Ok thanks will do. Cheers
  11. I saw in a couple of places on the net stating the computer must be reset when battery has been disconnected??? Is this true and could this help intermittent heavy steering??
  12. I'm trying to get my 04 RX8 insured. Now I'm 54 full Irish license no clames or points. First quote..........€3400 Wtf??? second quote........"...........€1600 still wtf??. Still have two companies to get back to me hopefully their quotes will be more favourable any ideas who's RX8 friendly?
  13. i have a steering problem, it's heavy one minute lighter the next and heavy again . Had a look at connectors under rad overflow container, all seems good. Any ideas?? Would it be the electronic steering box module ? Or something else. Anyone come across this type of problem ?..
  14. Still the same, not working properly??? Any ideas??? Doesn't seem to be much out there on this problem . I'm searching everywhere but still not much info. Is there someone who I could talk to or who can fix this problem Cheers
  15. Fly killer

    04 RX8 intermittent heavy stealing ???

    Sorted now it was the U joint on the lower steering column
  16. @Rex Ruthor What a difference Thank you. Silly me I thought they were called universal joints . Now I know I'll keep a close eye on the U joint and keep it clean and greased. It's so much nicer to drive now. Great stuff Cheers
  17. Great stuff Thanks I'll try that this afternoon Cheers
  18. No I haven't. Where's that??? first I've heard of it and where is it and what's it do?? Where can I find out more about it
  19. I saw in a couple of places on the net stating the computer must be reset when battery has been disconnected??? Is this true and could this help intermittent heavy steering??
  20. Fly killer

    04 RX8 intermittent heavy stealing ???

    @The Ledge.... When you changed the steering computer did you follow the neutral position procedures??? And how did you go about it
  21. Yes i have checked them out. They seem fine. I was going to change the ECU box but am hesitant as the neutral position and procedures. But i might try to change it at a later date
  22. Fly killer

    04 RX8 intermittent heavy stealing ???

    I actually have a parts Doner car same year same colour might try swapping then over see if it cures it Cheers thanks for the feed back.
  23. Right I don't know if this was covered here before but this newby is wondering what sort of 2stroke oil do you use when premix Ing??? Mineral or Synthetic any advice? By the way I just bought myself a. 04 RX8. whoop thrilled with it