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  1. Really should have done the clutch sooner shes had her first journey on a recovery truck clutch burned out
  2. Pads and discs on the way then nct time
  3. Nope iv never done a clutch dont have a ramp or anything so think ill leave it to the mechanics
  4. Cheers just looking online now to source the parts
  5. So I finally got to take the rx8 out for a good spin last night with my new Diy Upgraded coils leads and sparks. And a fresh pair of shoes. Some roar off her. On the down side I think she needs a clutch Revs slipping when going up the gears. Any reccomendations for clutches
  6. Strakes off they were horribly corroded any ideas for refurbing sand dowm to bare metal and repaint ?
  7. Getting it sorted through shadow in next week or two thanks
  8. Yep D585s haha. So it solved my rough idle issue and its runnjng smooth as a nut. The sparks were in a bad way all rusted and corroded tip actually snapped off one
  9. Spark plugs leads adapters and b585s have arrived fitting them all now
  10. I'm getting fabricated sills haven't heard of anyone getting replacements some local welders wanted to just weld a plate over it hiding the problem
  11. Secondhand shocks in coutesy of @L'eSkro and new drop links. Now to save for some upgraded shocks
  12. Front driver side shock out. Pics in gallery, Handy job but drop link was broke and cant get nut off it angle grinder it is tomorrow.
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