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  1. gl

    Any Information

    Not much help but with a number that high it was probably imported since 2012, most likely from UK if the odo's in miles.
  2. gl

    Polski FB

    FB on Polish reg (&lhd) spotted in Navan night before last, only had time to give a thumbs up, would like to have had a chat.
  3. Re: Website change of ownership Great news, and fair play Jamie for stepping up. I'm in favour of moving up to a vbulletin, and I'll contribute (when I can afford it), but I don't see the benefit in the "Supporting Member" status. There could be people on here since day 1 who are not in a position to donate, and I feel it could alienate them. I think anybody who wants to donate to help the site develop will do so anyway without wanting public recognition. That's my opinion, I'm open to correction or debate. I'm really looking forward to seeing where the site/club goes from here, if littlefeck.com is anything to go by, I expect good things.
  4. Re: A discussion on the Future of Irish Rotary Big thanks to CJ for all you've done for the rotary community. Hope life's treatin you well and hope you have reason to return to the club in the future.
  5. gl

    My new toy

    Re: My new toy Won't make it up to support you but good luck, hope all goes well. Hopefully someone will upload a video so we get to see the beast doing what it was built for.
  6. gl

    New member

    Re: New member Welcome to the forum. There are a set of red RE amemiya seats on donedeal, pretty cheap, might suit your frame better. Throw up a few pics of your car.
  7. This guy, Mark Gunderson has built a network of engines, all running off one drive, mainly to showcase how the different engines work, some as cutaways and cross sections. Of course, there's a 13b in there, or parts of one.
  8. gl

    New Member

    Re: New Member Welcome along, enjoy!
  9. gl

    Hi lads

    Re: Hi lads Hi Bob and welcome, looking forward to seeing the video of the meet, how's it coming along?
  10. gl

    Photos of the Northern meet

    Re: Photos of the Northern meet Some real gems being built up north. How are they gettin those engines so far back? Pity I couldn't get to this, I'd love to have seen and heard them in the flesh. littlefeck.com really got the exclusive on this one, nice one, keep up the good work. I linked your site on an Aussie forum today, be interestin to see if you start gettin traffic from there.
  11. gl

    few bits for fd for sale

    Re: few bits for fd for sale I'll be in Navan tomorrow and I can take the spoiler out of your way if it's still there.
  12. Re: NA 13B Manifold Pipe Size Hi Dan, Maybe a bit late for you but if it's any help, any aftermarket headers I've seen for 13b na have been 2"/50mm pipe, at that, they make the car pretty loud even with standard backboxes. Also, 13b in a Kadett? interesting, any more info?
  13. Re: 1st National Rotary Meet - Pictures and Videos Dimrod was my co-driver for the day, heres a few pics I stole off his camera before he left.
  14. gl

    Rotary Meet Summer 2013

    Re: Rotary Meet Summer 2013 Well done Ian and co. for organising, to all who put in the effort to get there, and congrats to the award winners, some very well turned out rotaries on show. I had a great day, the sound of all the rotaries going through towns was unforgettable, and I got a deadly free T-shirt. It's the first car meet I've been to and because of it I'm likely to go to more. Same time next year?
  15. gl

    Random Rotary Related Pics

    Re: Random Rotary Related Pics Not exactly in the same theme as whats been posted, but here's a little vid I made of a stained glass project I'm workin on. http://youtu.be/Q8CMXlbU2_0