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  1. Jahy Fohn

    Selling my rx8

    Have to sell my rx8 as I have a baby on the way and won't be able to afford to run it anymore unfortunately. Here is the link to done deal https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/03-rx8-low-milage/14611196
  2. Jahy Fohn

    New cork lad

    Thanks I might look into this if I can get the money together . do u work weekends ? I'd have to factor in about 120 euro of petrol to the journey too hahaha but what harm . Does the map increase the torque down low ? the one and only thing I'm not enjoying with this car at the minute is the low down torque when city driving is fairly jumpy
  3. Jahy Fohn

    New cork lad

    Man she's a beaut you have there. I only have the car a week now and I must say I'm addicted to the sound of that engine. even though it's like a second mortgage paying for petrol haha its all worth it. I'll defo be on to you if my engine goes . Appretiate all the help everyone
  4. Jahy Fohn

    New cork lad

    Thanks bud . ya I love the black been looking awhile for the right one needed the leather seats etc and found it eventually. is it worth getting the car Street ported ? and how much would it be or should I wait until I need to change the engine for this
  5. Jahy Fohn

    New cork lad

    Said I'd throw up some pics of the motor here anyway for those looking to see it . found out when looking through the folder that came with the car that's it's had a full stamped service history witch is strange that seller didn't mention haha . bonus I guess . @55k miles and running like a dream https://www.dropbox.com/s/ozt414ejd1ahdit/20161114_233512.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/f0v05fn0k6pwz6j/Screenshot_20161112-180022.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/43z6avsnijn7h5b/Screenshot_20161112-180026.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8igssob8c50564p/Screenshot_20161112-180029.png?dl=0 Not much done in the way of mods . has a upgraded wosp starter and I fitted a decat pipe a few days ago to it .
  6. Jahy Fohn

    What are these graphs ?

    Hmm can't see anything to do with rpm that's all that's there . there's only 55k miles on the engine so hopefully it's healthy . came with all receipts for parts and services etc
  7. Recently purchased a rx8 and going through the service history found 2 sheets with rotor 1 and rotor 2 . see links to photos . https://www.dropbox.com/s/pl7u326gc0sbdmf/20161119_210522.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/dbkw3dtjx100jsy/20161119_210512.jpg?dl=0
  8. Jahy Fohn

    Rx8 transmission

    The transmission oil was just changed yesterday with the recommended mazda oil . it stopped for awhile but came back again unfortunately
  9. Hey all . my rx8 is grinding in 4th gear when in the high rpm range . any solutions for this ? it's perfect when driving normally. Is there any rebuild kits out there for this . my dad's a mechanic so it wouldn't be me rebuilding it. if there are not kits it's there any place around cork that could rebuild this and what cost roughly would I be looking at . I'd also look in to getting a new transmission if there is anywhere I can buy a new one. can't see any online just all old ones . Any help appretiated .
  10. Jahy Fohn

    New cork lad

    Just looked up a few videos of your exhaust . sounds perfect . very nice note and not loud enough to piss the neighbours off haha. I'll defo get onto you when I get the cash to have a listen in the flesh
  11. Jahy Fohn

    New cork lad

    Perfect thanks for the advice . I ordered a cheap decat off e bay today . will I see much of a difference in performance and fuel economy with this ? I'll be getting a full exhaust system eventually just don't have the money at the minute as I have 3k set aside just in case the engine goes bang lol.
  12. Jahy Fohn

    New cork lad

    I see u have a black rx8 too . we won't miss each other on the road anyway . any recommendations for coil upgrades ?
  13. Hey how's it going . you were recommended as the man to do a remap . just got a rx8 . 03 stock 231 . I have ordered a cheap but cheerful decat off e bay . how much would your remap cost and would I get better performance and economy ? thanks. 


  14. Jahy Fohn

    New cork lad

    Does anyone know someone decent down in cork to do a engine remap ? is it true I can get better mpg and slightly improved performance with this ? how much is it roughly ?
  15. Jahy Fohn

    Exhaust wanted

    Thanks very much . very helpful . appretiated it . I might try de cat stock today and see how she runs