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    into sports and car big time
  1. sunny

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    last owner told me no hot or cold problem every thing is fixed and I did not know how to check anything in the car. I am trying to know her
  2. sunny

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    thanks Justin ill b at home today in evening around 7 u can come any time cheers mate.
  3. sunny

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    Yes chazz she did start for me in hot and cold
  4. sunny

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    I left text and voice mail for him
  5. sunny

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    I live around IKEA if anyone around please Give me ring on 0851511280. no answer from Shadow yet RX is just parked outside my house for last one week I cant even enjoy her ride
  6. sunny

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    Hi Rex yea engine is turning over it did start for me couple of time. I should just give a call to shadow to now more abt rx8 and how i can prevent problems in future
  7. sunny

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    Thanks JP and Chazz I did get any test done on the car yet. he did not have the receipt of the engine rebuild as he told me for all rx8 engine normally rebuild at 60k miles. so I believed him. I will ring Anthony today how much does it cost for compression problem?
  8. sunny

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    hi all I bought myself 05RX8 last week. from donedeal it was advertises as rebuild engine and every thing fixed .etc. Car has around 83k miles car is not starting for me I thought I flooded the engine but even after deflooding it giving me problems engine just keep cranking car wants to start but not starting any ideas I like the car and I want to keep the car. any specialist for RX8 in Dublin who can help a new fan for RX8